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How can we make healthcare procurement climate-smart? (28/02/2024)

LIFE RESYSTAL answers the urgent need for healthcare climate resilience (18/01/2024)


Europe’s 2023 Health Care Climate Challenge winners (30/11/2023)

European Healthcare Climate Summit | Registration open (23/10/2023)

Call for proposals | European Healthcare Climate Summit 2023 (21/09/2023)

What does the Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health mean for sustainable healthcare (12/07/2023)

Interview | Sustainability is a priority for healthcare leadership (26/06/2023)

How can healthcare facilities be climate resilient? (31/05/2023)

Portugal develops roadmap to achieve zero emissions healthcare (05/04/2023)

UK healthcare leads the phase-out of desflurane - a potent greenhouse gas (07/03/2023)

Webinar recording | Getting started with healthcare climate resilience (13/02/2023)

Webinar | Getting started with healthcare climate resilience (19/01/2023)


Europe’s 2022 Health Care Climate Champions (12/12/2022)

Mastering media interviews to promote climate and health (22/11/2022)

Lessons in healthcare climate resilience from France (21/11/2022)

Global road map for healthcare decarbonisation now available in French and Dutch (04/10/2022)

European Healthcare Climate Summit 2022 | Registration open (21/09/2022)

Join the European network for healthcare climate resilience (24/08/2022)

How can we achieve a net zero healthcare sector? (18/08/2022)

How to decarbonise the healthcare sector (04/08/2022)

Submissions open for the 2022 Climate Champion Awards (11/07/2022)

Nurses lead on climate and health education (07/07/2022)

Lessons in climate-smart healthcare | Member placement - Galician Health Service, Spain (13/06/2022)

G7 sets course for decarbonised, climate-resilient healthcare (24/05/2022)

LIFE RESYSTAL mobilises local communities for healthcare climate resilience (19/05/2022)

Global road map for zero emissions healthcare now available in Greek and Italian (16/03/2022)

Interview | Leading the decarbonisation of Mediterranean healthcare (16/02/2022)

Europe’s 2021 Health Care Climate Champions (09/02/2022)

Accelerating healthcare decarbonisation in the Mediterranean (26/01/2022)


Healthcare climate action at COP26 (25/11/2021)

Taking the pulse of COP26 (25/11/2021)

Seven European countries commit to developing climate resilient, sustainable low-carbon health systems (09/11/2021)

Healthcare decarbonisation toolkit: Experiences from the Mediterranean region (27/10/2021)

Ten nursing schools commit to educating students on climate and health (19/10/2021)

A call to action: Child health and the climate crisis (28/09/2021)

European Healthcare Climate Summit 2021 | Registration open (27/09/2021)

Three health authorities pave the way for zero emissions healthcare (21/09/2021)

Introducing Climate Impact Checkup: healthcare's GHG emissions calculator (14/07/2021)

Fourteen European healthcare providers commit to reaching net-zero by 2050 (03/06/2021)

Webinar | The healthcare sector joins the Race to Zero campaign (18/05/2021)

Health Care’s Climate Footprint report now available in French and Dutch (21/04/2021)

HCWH’s new global road map for zero emissions healthcare (16/04/2021)

New evidence shows importance of phasing out deadly fossil fuels, and the healthcare sector will play crucial role (15/02/2021)

Nurses Climate Challenge launches in Europe (28/01/2021)


Call for partners: Looking for national health ministries/systems to join Operation Zero (10/12/2020)

Europe’s 2020 Health Care Climate Champions (02/12/2020)

European Healthcare Climate Summit 2020 | Registration open (19/10/2020)

NHS England commits to net-zero emissions by 2040 (01/10/2020)

A system-level commitment to net zero emissions (28/01/2020)


European Healthcare Climate Summit 2019 (12/2019)

Towards sustainable healthcare and a healthy environment (01/10/2019)

We need to talk about Des... (13/08/2019)

Towards a roadmap for Climate-smart Healthcare in Europe (17/06/2019)

Humanitarian aid for a healthy climate (29/05/2019)


Changing Together for Health: Health sector engagement at COP24 (19/12/2018)

European healthcare feeling the heat this summer (23/08/2018)

Global Green and Healthy Hospitals is pleased to announce the new and improved Health Care Climate Challenge (20/06/2018)

Anaesthetic gasses project meeting | Fostering Low Carbon Healthcare in Europe (11/04/2018)

Reducing the carbon footprint of anaesthetic gasses (13/02/2018)

Improving energy efficiency through behaviour change (23/01/2018)


Hospitals Worldwide Call for Action on Climate Change (13/11/2017)

The 2017 Climate and Health Summit (26/10/2017)

New Lancet report reveals pollution causes nine million deaths per year worldwide (24/10/2017)

It's hurricane season somewhere far away (19/09/2017)

The climate treaty is NOT negotiable (13/07/17)

Healthcare must lead in the face of the USA' Paris Agreement withdrawal (02/06/2017)

Reducing healthcare's climate footprint | New HCWH Europe report (15/05/2017)


Reflections from COP22 (24/11/2016)

The EU ratifies the Paris Agreement: Now it's time to take responsibility (06/10/2016)

Two of the biggest polluters officially commit to Paris Agreement (13/09/2016)

EC Energy Union Summer Package: A weak Effort Sharing Regulation Proposal & the healthcare sector (27/07/2016)

HCWH at the WHO second Global Conference on Health & Climate (20/07/2016)

Parliament calls for high energy saving 2030 targets (30/06/2016)

More European ambition for energy efficiency (03/06/2016)

Over £400m of savings can reduce carbon emissions by 1 million tonnes (14/06/2016)

Paris Agreement next steps - Ratification (27/04/2016)

HCWH Europe co-sign letter to ensure the 2030 effort sharing decision is fit for purpose (26/04/2016)

Divest means dis-invest! (19/04/2016)

CLIRE Report Shows how Healthcare can Reduce its Climate Footprint (22/03/2016)

HCWH Europe Calls for Action from Environment & Energy Ministers ahead of European Council Meeting (26/02/2016)

NHS & Health Care Sector in the UK Hit First Climate Change Target, But More Testing Goals Lie Ahead (28/01/2016)


Paris Treaty Provides Opportunity for the European Healthcare Sector to act on Climate Change (16/12/2015)

Road to Paris

From Paris to a fossils free future (16/12/2015)

Time for COP21 (27/11/2015)

Towards a clean energy future (12/11/2015)

One month away (29/10/2015)

Climate pledges are in (13/10/2015)

What happened in Bonn? (17/09/2015)

Time for climate action (01/09/2015)

Europe's Weak Position for Paris (22/09/2015)

Living on borrowed time (13/08/2015)

HCWH Europe Response to EC Energy Summer Package (17/07/2015)


COP20 diary

The (missing?) health argument (11/12/2014)

Draft texts on the table (10/12/2014)

Health Saturday (08/12/2014)

Juncker Commission elected by European Parliament (22/10/2014)

Reflections on the UN climate summit: why healthcare must lead by example (01/10/2014)

HCWH Europe at the People's Climate March in Brussels (22/09/2014)

High hopes ahead of UN climate summit (18/09/2014)

Little regard for health and environment in new Juncker commission (12/09/2014)

EU 2030 climate and energy targes to be agreed in October (27/06/2014)

UN report finds that climate chaos could still be reduced (15/04/2014)

EU leaders delay decision on climate because of economic considerations (21/03/2014)

MEPs send a clear signal to the Council and the Commission on climate change (05/02/2014)


(GCHA) COP19: The road towards addressing the greatest global health threat (15/11/2013)

CleanMed Europe 2013 accelerates the push towards a sustainable European healthcare system (19/09/2013)

EU Report - new approaches needed (31/05/2013)

Climate talks and the Doha declaration on climate, health, and well-being (09/01/2013)


After Durban - what we can do (14/12/2011)

On the road to Durban and beyond: are you with us? (27/11/2011)