Call for partners: Looking for national health ministries/systems to join Operation Zero

AmbulanceHCWH Europe is looking for expressions of interest from national health ministries/systems to join Operation Zero, our groundbreaking project that aims to put the European healthcare sector on the path to net zero CO2 emissions. 

Interested national health systems will join as pathfinder systems and take an active role in developing and piloting this new framework and creating national decarbonisation roadmaps for healthcare in their respective countries. 

Pathfinder countries will receive direct support from HCWH Europe in developing a decarbonisation roadmap for their own national healthcare system driving emissions reductions. Furthermore, they will be recognised as world leaders in healthcare decarbonisation and gain the opportunity to influence the development of a common framework that can be utilised by any country in the world. More details about benefits and commitments can be found in our resources

If you are interested in joining Operation Zero as a pathfinder system, please submit an initial Expression of Interest to Scott Brady, Climate Programme Manager at HCWH Europe, by 23 December 2020.