HCWH Europe Board

Top, L-R: Wouter van Wijhe, Dyan Sterling, Christian Dreißigacker, Simona Ganassi Agger
Bottom, L-R: Maria Gaden, Anders Bolmstedt, James Dixon, Rachel Billod-Mulalic

Chair - Anders Bolmstedt, PhD

PhD, Chemist, Occupational Health Service - Region Västra Götaland | Sweden

Anders coordinates the chemical management in Region Västra Götaland, Sweden, from the aspects of health and environmental protection. His work involves setting up and evaluating demands in procurement and educating employees about the safe management of hazardous chemicals. Anders has been involved in risk assessments of hazardous chemicals for over 15 years and initiated the National Substitution Group (NSG) in Sweden - an active network for sharing experiences in chemical management and substitution. He also chairs the board of an association coordinating chemical risk and safety information within Swedish regions and universities. In addition to chemical and security issues, he advocates the role of good health for the environment.

Vice Chair - James Dixon, CEnv, FIEMA, FRSA

Associate Director, Sustainability - The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust | United Kingdom 

James is a Chartered Environmentalist, and Fellow of the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment, with over 15 years’ sustainability experience across public sector services in the UK. During his time at Newcastle City Council implementing Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001 & EMAS), he contributed to Newcastle being awarded UK’s Greenest City two years running by Forum for the Future. More recently, he has established sector-leading waste management practices and sustainability strategies at Newcastle Hospitals leading to them becoming the first healthcare organisation in the world to publicly declare a climate emergency in June 2019.

Treasurer - Christian Dreißigacker

CEO - BG Klinikum Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin and BG Klinikum Bergmannstrost Halle | Germany

Working in hospital management for 25 years, Christian has spent the last 15 years as CEO of hospitals in Berlin currently at BG Klinikum Berlin and Halle, two large trauma centres. Previously, between 2011 to 2018 he was CEO at Vivantes Klinikum Berlin-Neukölln, a 1,200 bed maximum care hospital. During his time at Neukölln, Christian was instrumental in the hospital joining the Global Green & Healthy Hospitals network as well as  Healthcare Climate Challenge. Participating in several HCWH Europe activities, including the disinfectants pilot project, Klinikum Neukölln during Christian’s tenure was awarded the energy-saving hospital award by BUND/Friends of the Earth Germany for saving 40% of their energy consumption.

Secretary - Wouter van Wijhe

Healthcare Consultant - BD | The Netherlands
Wouter has spent more than ten years working in the healthcare sector, both hospital and medical technology. He has experience in change management, digital transformation, and sustainability on a strategic level. Wouter has been involved with HCWH Europe since 2016 and was heavily involved with the organisation of the CleanMed Europe 2018 in Nijmegen and previously served on the European Healthcare Climate Council. He transitioned to the field of medical technology in 2019 where he researches circular economy business models, improving efficiency, quality, and safety.

Rachel Billod-Mulalic

International relations - Committee for Sustainable Development in Healthcare, C2DS | France

Rachel joined the C2DS Berlin office in 2012 where she is in charge of international relations and international cooperation. She has previously worked for over 10 years as a market researcher for international projects on medical devices and healthcare services, before switching to communications applied to healthcare and the environment. She is currently working at a communication agency in Berlin specialising in health, healthcare organisations, and CSR in the healthcare sector. Rachel works within a large network of hospitals, healthcare professionals, researchers, and sustainability experts working in the main areas of interest for CSR. Rachel can rely on a strong French network as well as C2DS partners in Germany, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, etc. Rachel would like to increase the visibility of France’s excellent sustainable healthcare work and increase engagement with the international network of HCWH Europe

Maria Gaden

Head of Department/Leader, Center for Sustainable Hospitals (CfSH) | Denmark

Maria has a background of nearly 10 years of experience as a midwife, working with work-environment and social sustainability issues. She holds an international master's degree in Leadership and Innovation in Complex Systems, focussing on the leadership needed for the transformation to sustainable healthcare. Since 2017 Maria has initiated and facilitated projects on circular economy in clinical settings and plays a leading role in the mobilisation and organisation of the Central Denmark Region's strategy and actions for sustainability.

At HCWH Europe, Maria aims to strengthen cooperation, the healthcare sector cannot solve sustainability issues alone, and the need for innovation within both products and processes is evident. Our transition is connected to the rest of society's transition, and we must search for a common mission and common potential with other sectors and institutions to achieve progress on a larger scale.

Simona Ganassi Agger

Architect and Urban Planner | Italy

With a Doctorate in Architecture from the University of Venice, Simona has taught and lectured in several universities across Europe and North America. Her book Urban self-management – Planning for a new society was published internationally in Italian, English, and Arabic. With expertise in health urbanism and the strategic planning of regional health facilities, she was appointed as an expert for the Italian Ministry of Health of the Evaluation of Health Investments where she participated in several European projects from 2002 to 2014. She was previously project manager of RES-Hospitals - towards zero-carbon hospitals with RES Systems and consultant for the University Hospital Sant’Orsola of Bologna in the EU project EcoQUIP. Simona sits on the National Council of SIAIS - the Italian Society of Architecture and Engineering for Health and represents SIAIS at the Board of European Health Property Network. She is also currently a serving member of the Council of the International Federation of Healthcare Engineering (IFHE).

Dyan Sterling

Oxford Philanthropy | United Kingdom

Dyan has significant global charity fundraising and management experience within the medical, science, hospitals and global health (pesticides, diseases, climate-related health issues, including in Southern areas) fields. She's worked with the Environmental Change Institute, Geography Department and Water Centre, Biochemistry and Medical departments at Oxford University and London Universities. She has formed partnerships in the UK, EU, India, South East Asia and East Africa. Dyan holds a MSc in Human Biology (Oxford University), a GDL (City) London law degree, and a BA (McGill University).

Dyan co-founded a telemedicine start-up (NASDAQ exchange listed) and worked with doctors, surgeons and radiology departments in the US/Canada and with NASA. Education, research, and systems change require funding and Dyan has raised over €320m for health/environment charities. Also, she brings over 10 years of Trustee experience to assist the board on communications, events, funding/grants, governance, and operations.