HCWH Europe Board

Anders Bolmstedt - Chair of the board
PhD, Chemist, Occupational Health Service - Region Västra Götaland, Sweden

Anders coordinates the chemical management in Region Västra Götaland from the aspects of health and environmental protection. His work involves setting up and evaluating demands in procurement, and educating employees about the safe management of hazardous chemicals. Anders has been involved in risk assessments of hazardous chemicals for over 15 years and initiated the National Substitution Group (NSG) in Sweden where he is still active. In addition to chemicals issues, he is interested in the role of good health for the environment.

Sonia Roschnik - Vice-chair of the board
Director - Sustainable Development Unit (SDU) for the NHS and wider health sector in England

Sonia has worked in health and social care internationally for 30 years as a clinician, in senior hospital management and sustainability. She is committed to the transformations needed for a sustainable and healthy planet for all. She has been interested in working across boundaries and driving system change since she first led a project in integrated pathways of care in Glasgow. She spent four years delivering improved patient care as Deputy Director of Operations at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Prior to this she worked as Head of the Occupational Therapy Department and delivered several corporate projects including the project management of a £85M PFI building across the Trust, Cambridge University and the Medical Research Council. Sonia was appointed Head of the SDU when it was first created in 2008 delivering both the Carbon Reduction Strategy for the NHS and the Sustainable Development Strategy for the NHS, public health, and social care in England. Sonia then worked as a sustainable health advisor for international agencies whilst completing a Masters degree in Systems Thinking before returning to the SDU.

Wouter van Wijhe - Secretary to the board 
Driving Sustainable Innovation and Circular Economy Transformation in healthcare - Philips 

Wouter has spent ten years working in healthcare, previously a consultant working on efficiency and digital transformation projects, in the last three years he has moved to the strategic level working on sustainability. Wouter has worked closely with HCWH Europe over the last two years, engaging the Radboudumc board in our activities: he also played an integral role in organising CleanMed Europe 2018. In his current position he is currently doing research in Philips on Circular Economy Transformation.

Rachel Billod-Mulalic
International relations - Committee for Sustainable Development in Healthcare, C2DS, France

Rachel joined the C2DS Berlin office in 2012 where she is in charge of international relations and international cooperation. She has previously worked for over 10 years as a market researcher for international projects on medical devices and healthcare services, before switching to communications applied to healthcare and environment. She is currently working at a communication agency in Berlin specialized in Health, Healthcare organization an CSR in the healthcare sector. Rachel works within a large network of hospitals, healthcare professionals, researchers, and sustainability experts working in the main areas of interest for CSR. Rachel can rely on a strong French network as well as C2DS partners in Germany, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, etc. Rachel would like to increase the visibility of France’s excellent sustainable healthcare work, and increase the engagement with the international network of HCWH Europe.

Luc Hens
PhD, Advisor for Scientific Publications, Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) and Editor-in-Chief - Springer Environment, Development and Sustainability journal, Belgium

Luc was previously the Chair of the Human Ecology Department at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). His research interests focus on interdisciplinary approaches in human ecology. Fields of research activity include environmental health, sustainable development, and environmental management.