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Video | How your patients can reduce pharmaceutical pollution at home (21/03/2024)


Join our new network | Pharmacists for Greener Healthcare (01/06/2023)

AMR EDUCare - reducing AMR through health education (24/04/2023)

The role of healthcare professionals in responsible antibiotic use in farming (20/04/2023)

Event | Food production and AMR: Improving animal welfare to save human lives (15/03/2023)

Report | Procuring for greener pharma (14/02/2023)

Press kit | Antimicrobial resistance (18/01/2023)

Toolkit | How healthcare professionals can advocate responsible use of antibiotics in food production (17/01/2023)


Webinar | How healthcare professionals can advocate for a greener healthcare (19/12/2022)

Antimicrobial resistance – A silent yet insidious pandemic (12/12/2022)

Policy recommendations | Improve animal welfare to ensure responsible use of antibiotics (25/10/2022)

Doctors are losing resources in the fight against antimicrobial resistance (31/08/2022)

Workshop | Engaging healthcare to promote responsible antibiotic use in European food production (29/08/2022)

Procurement criteria for responsible use of antimicrobials in food production (05/07/2022)

Why the war in Ukraine can drive the spread of AMR (21/06/2022)

The EU must take the lead in preserving essential medicine for human use (04/05/2022)

Position paper | Recommendations for greener human medicines (29/03/2022)

Report | Veterinary medicine in European food production (03/02/2022)

Factsheet | Reducing antimicrobial resistance in food production (20/01/2022)


How healthcare can reduce unnecessary antimicrobial use in healthy animals (21/12/2021)

Video | How doctors can help reduce pharmaceutical pollution (30/11/2021)

Antimicrobial resistance - The silent pandemic in the spotlight (18/11/2021)

Infographic | Safeguarding colistin: A crucial antimicrobial for human health (17/11/2021)

Video | Safeguarding colistin - A vital antimicrobial for human health (08/11/2021)

Join the campaign to #SafeguardColistin (18/10/2021)

New working group to reduce antimicrobial use in food production (07/10/2021)

The European Parliament must safeguard vital antimicrobials (09/09/2021)

Hospitals can play a leading role in reducing pharmaceutical pollution (24/08/2021)

Publication | Pharmaceutical residues in hospital wastewater (16/07/2021)

Open letter | Safeguard vital antimicrobials for human health (12/07/2021)

Event | Ensuring responsible antimicrobial use in EU food production (27/05/2021)

Where do our prescribed drugs end up? (03/03/2021)

Case studies needed: Removing pharmaceutical residues from hospital wastewater (04/02/2021)


What the EU’s Pharmaceutical Strategy could mean for sustainability (17/12/2020)

Publication | Antimicrobial resistance in European medical schools (18/11/2020)

MEPvsAMR webinar series (03/11/2020)

Case studies wanted: AMR education in European medical schools (27/03/2020)

A multi-stakeholder approach to pharmaceuticals in the environment: Working together towards effective solutions (29/01/2020)

Plastic pollution and antibiotic resistance – environmental threats to our health (29/01/2020)


Lessons in AMR and pharmaceutical pollution | Member placement – Stockholm & Uppsala, Sweden (18/12/2019)

Watch: The impact of pharmaceutical manufacturing pollution (21/11/2019)

Recording | Antimicrobial resistance: A major global health threat (21/11/2019)

Antimicrobial resistance: What you need to know (14/11/2019)

Online press briefing | Antimicrobial resistance: A major global health threat (31/10/2019)

Webinar recording | Tackling AMR in European healthcare facilities (10/10/2019)

Towards sustainable healthcare and a healthy environment (01/10/2019)

Tackling AMR in Europe’s healthcare facilities (26/09/2019)

Workshop | A multi-stakeholder approach to pharmaceuticals in the environment (25/09/2019)

Webinar | Tackling AMR in Europe’s healthcare facilities (27/08/2019)

New database for pharmaceutical in the environment initiatives (26/04/2019)

Last chance to participate - Tackling AMR in European hospitals survey (27/02/2019)

Pharmaceutical industry lacks a clear and transparent commitment to environmental protection (28/01/2019)

Participate in HCWH Europe’s new survey about sustainable practices to tackle AMR in European hospitals (15/01/2019)


Antimicrobial resistance September updates (26/09/2018)

HCWH Europe’s new study on the management of pharmaceutical manufacturing waste (01/08/2018)

The European Commission has to take action on pharmaceuticals in the environment and halt AMR (02/07/2018)

Key elements of the EU’s strategic approach to Pharmaceuticals in the Environment have been “diluted or deleted” (06/06/2018)

Health Care Without Harm at the World Health Assembly (25/05/2018)

Europe must take the threat of pharmaceuticals in the environment seriously (22/05/2018)

Industry need to accept responsibility for their pharmaceutical pollution (12/04/2018)

The challenge of water scarcity and pharmaceutical pollution (22/03/2018)

Actions to address the risks from pharmaceuticals in the environment (16/03/2018)

New brochure asks: Is pharamceutical pollution a real problem for water reuse? (12/02/2018)

New translations - How doctors can help reduce pharmaceutical pollution (31/01/2018)

Please take 20 minutes to protect human and environmental health (26/01/2018)


WAAW 2017 Day 5 – A week of antibiotic awareness (17/11/2017)

WAAW 2017 Day 4 – Pharmaceutical pollution (16/11/2017)

WAAW 2017 Day 3 - #KeepAntibioticsWorking (15/11/2017)

WAAW 2017 Day 2 – Antibiotics in food and agriculture (14/11/2017)

WAAW 2017 Day 1 - What is AMR? (13/11/2017)

New Lancet report reveals pollution causes nine million deaths per year worldwide (24/10/2017)

HCWH Europe releases update to antimicrobial resistance position paper (04/10/2017)

Policy Overview: Food Pathways to AMR – A Call for International Action (27/09/2017)

2017 Green Pharmacy Conference (14/07/2017)

HCWH Europe at Scottish 'Pharmaceuticals and priority chemicals in the Highlands and Islands environment' joint workshop (27/06/2017)

G20 Health Ministers' declaration on AMR (07/06/2017)

Strategic approach to pharmaceuticals in the environment (05/06/2017)

New animation explaining pharmaceutical pollution and Safer Pharma (12/05/2017)

How could it have ever come to this? (10/05/2017)

HCWH Europe reaction to EC Roadmap on pharmaceuticals in the environment (03/05/2017)

Webinar recording and presentations available | The (un)recognised pathways of AMR (19/04/2017)

Antibiotic Resistance Coalition welcomes new members (25/01/2017)


Pharmaceuticals in the Environment: Make ideas work! - Workshop report now available (23/12/2016)

New database from UBA tracks global prevalence of pharmaceuticals in the environment (02/12/2016)

Free webinar | Safer pharma: how healthcare can reduce pharmaceutical pollution (24/05/2016)

Green and sustainable chemistry: The end for pharmaceutical pollution (03/05/2016)

MEP Vote on Veterinary Medicine Shows Desire to Deal with AMR Threat (10/03/2016)

Regulators' Neglect of Pharma Pollution Worldwide is a Deadly Policy Gap for Europe (18/12/2016)


Event | Pharma Pollution: An Ignored Cause of Antimicrobial Resistance (15/12/2015)

European Antibiotic Awareness Day 2015 (18/11/2015)

New Podcast | HCWH Europe at SAICM ICCM4 (03/11/2015)

HCWH Speaking out for Healthcare at SAICM ICCM4 (07/10/2015)

HCWH Release Position Paper & Infographic about Pharmaceuticals at SAICM ICCM4 (28/09/2015)

AMR under the microscope once more (31/08/2015)

World Water Week & The Healthcare Sector (26/08/2015)

New report linking major pharmaceutical companies to global rise in antibiotic resistant bacteria( 11/06/2015)

Antimicrobial resistance: Changing healthcare and veterinary practices (23/02/2015)


Joint Intervention at SAICM Open Ended Working Group meeting (15/12/2014)

Why we must act on pharmaceuticals in the environment (22/10/2014)

HCWH Europe attends EU workshop on pollution of water by Pharmaceuticals (12/09/2014)


Parliament fails to set limits for pharmaceuticals in the environment (02/07/2013)

A missed opportunity to control pharmaceutical residues in European waters (18/04/2013)

Who is next - French water contains traces of pharmaceuticals (25/03/2013)

Pollute and Monitor - Pharmaceuticals in Water (22/01/2013)


Pharmaceuticals: Environmental and Health impacts – Who pays the price? (07/09/2011)