Accelerating healthcare decarbonisation in the Mediterranean

Front cover of Policy recommendationsOur latest publication, Accelerating healthcare decarbonisation in the Mediterranean region, provides recommendations to develop climate and health policies in the region that expedite healthcare decarbonisation. 

Global temperatures are rising and increasing the negative health impacts associated with a changing climate. Within Europe, the Mediterranean region faces specific threats from climate change, e.g. extreme heatwaves and rising sea levels. 

Although we’re already seeing ambitious decarbonisation efforts from local healthcare providers, our project Low-carbon healthcare in the Mediterranean region has highlighted key gaps in the climate and health policies of Mediterranean countries.

The publication presents three main recommendations for policymakers to build a resilient, zero-carbon healthcare system that is protected from the worst impacts of climate change and supports a healthy society. It also provides an overview of climate impacts in the Mediterranean region, as well as the current state of climate and health policy in four key countries (Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Italy). The policy recommendations are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, and Italian. 

A broad range of stakeholders from both within and outside the Mediterranean healthcare sector were consulted during the development of these policy recommendations, including attendees of the 2021 European Healthcare Climate Summit.

Read the policy recommendations in EN, ES, PT, EL, IT

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