Nurses Climate Challenge launches in Europe

Nurses Climate Challenge Europe logoHCWH Europe is launching a new campaign that aims to leverage the unique and trusted voice of nurses to motivate those working in the healthcare sector to take climate action.

The Nurses Climate Challenge Europe platform provides access to a free, comprehensive, and ever-growing set of easy-to-use resources for nurses to educate their colleagues on climate and health.

By signing up and becoming Climate Champions, nurses across Europe can use these materials to host educational events and report back on the number of health professionals they have educated as part of the challenge.

The Challenge follows in the footsteps of its US-based counterpart, which has succeeded in educating almost 18,000 health professionals about climate and health since 2018.

“Time is running out. Nurses are the largest and most trusted group of health professionals, and we can implement effective policy. When no one moves and no one speaks, resistance to change becomes a culture that becomes very difficult to change in the future. We need to set an example.”  

Floro Cubelo, President of the Filipino Nurses Association in the Nordic Region (FiNAN) and a current Nurse Climate Champion.

By providing the necessary resources and networking opportunities, the Nurses Climate Challenge Europe aims to create a movement of health professionals across the continent who want to take action to protect the health of their patients and communities from the worst impacts of climate change.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to do something effective with an impact, without going too much out of your way. At least that sums up our experience of taking part in the Nurses Climate Challenge.” 

Maria Cassar, Head of Nursing at the University of Malta, and a current Nurse Climate Champion.

If you’re a nurse and you’re interested in educating your colleagues about the impacts of climate change, sign up today.