Doctors for Greener Healthcare

Doctors for Greener Healthcare

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In line with the Hippocratic oath to “first do no harm”, the healthcare sector's mandate is to prevent and cure disease. Yet the delivery of healthcare services can often inadvertently and paradoxically undermine health.

Healthcare professionals have an important role to play in fostering wide-scale behaviour change and leading the transition to a more sustainable healthcare system globally. As trusted leaders within society, doctors have a unique opportunity to advance sustainable healthcare and influence public policy to better protect the health of their communities from environmental harm.

In this context, HCWH Europe aims to engage doctors in Europe to help advance our mission to transform healthcare worldwide so that it reduces its environmental footprint, becomes a community anchor for sustainability, and a leader in the global movement for environmental health and justice.

Doctors for Greener Healthcare is a network that brings together doctors from across Europe to collaborate, share best practice, and advocate for a healthy future by reducing the environmental impact of healthcare.

Join the network

As facilitator of the network, HCWH Europe will provide platforms, guidance, training, tools, and resources to support you in taking action to reduce the environmental impact of the healthcare sector and become a powerful environmental health advocate.

You can find some existing HCWH resources that may be useful for health professionals here.

Doctors for Greener Healthcare was launched in 2020, with the majority of activities set to take place from 2021.


Through participation in the network, you will:

  • Obtain the knowledge and skills to succeed as leaders both inside and outside of your hospital or practice setting
  • Learn proven strategies for building sustainable healthcare operations
  • Gain access to the latest tools and resources to support sustainability activities and projects, along with regular educational opportunities
  • Be alerted to policy advocacy actions and opportunities
  • Be inspired by a growing network of engaged health professionals through newsletters, Telegram group, and participation in sharing calls, webinars, including CleanMed Europe
  • Be involved in the shaping of the health professionals track of sessions at CleanMed Europe and potentially other HCWH Europe conferences and events

Criteria for membership

Membership is open to individual doctors and medical students in Europe who are committed to addressing the healthcare sector’s negative environmental and health impacts, and working collaboratively to reduce these.

Membership will be based on an individual commitment to the goals of the network and a desire to participate in helping to achieve them. Participation in this network is completely free and there are no membership or other fees.

Membership is on an individual basis and is not linked to doctors’ employers, professional bodies, or students’ university/school. However, for verification purposes, you will be asked to provide the name of your employer/university as part of the application process.

Application process

The first step in applying to become a member of this network is to fill out this online application form.

After approval, members will be added to the Doctors for Greener Healthcare mailing list and added as a subscriber to the exclusive quarterly member newsletter.

Members of the network will be invited to participate in ad-hoc activities related to our programme areas - participation in these activities is on a voluntary basis and the HCWH Europe team will outline the anticipated commitment required. Members themselves can also propose activities and projects with the network coordinator and via mailing lists/newsletters.