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What's driving calls for more targeted use of disinfectants in the home? (Chemical Watch - 11/05/2022)

Medical device remanufacturing offered as an example to cut greenhouse gas emissions (Hospital Healthcare Europe 29/04/2021)

EU must urgently develop Green Pillar of the European Health Union (Euractiv - 29/04/2021)

Nurse a tree takes root at Portlaoise hospital (Leinster Express - 16/04/2021)

To protect our patients, we need to be smarter about climate change (Nursing Times - 31/03/2021)

Key Stakeholders Including Reps of EU Commission Recognise Urgent Need for Healthcare to Join Circular Economy (EIN Presswire - 18/03/2021)

Health, Environment, and Justice Organizations Seek Clarification from ECHA on Nano and Biocidal-Treated Products (The National Law Review - 27/01/2021)


Designing environmentally responsible healthcare (The Ecologist - 29/10/2020)

The Plastic Pandemic Emergency (GOLD Magazine - 29/10/2020)

Hospitals Go Green & Healthy (Health Management Vol. 20 Issue 8 - 23/10/2020)

European medical devices industry backs proposed deadline extension for PFOA ban (Chemical Watch - 21/10/2020)

Six steps to promote recovery of the health and social care system from the covid-19 pandemic (BMJ - 24/09/2020)

PFAS EU Companies Facing COVID-19 Supply Impact (National Law Review - 22/09/2020)

Campaigners demand strict limits on 'chemical recycling' of plastic (ENDS Europe - 15/07/2020)

Commission proposes REACH CMR exemption for medical devices (Chemical Watch - 28/05/2020)

The pandemic is creating mountains of medical waste (Politico - 26/05/2020)

The hospital hit by a plastic epidemic [FR] (Les Jours 14/05/2020)

Coronavirus PPE likely to contain hazardous chemicals such as PFAS, NGO says (Chemical Watch - 05/05/2020)

NGO report: data gaps hamper use of safest hospital disinfectants (Chemical Watch - 01/05/2020)

NGOs urge EU member states to reject chromates authorisation (Chemical Watch - 29/04/2020)

Campaigners warn against ‘unlawful’ approval of chromium trioxide (ENDS Europe - 27/04/2020)

Dodgy disinfectants on the rise due to coronavirus (Politico - 24/04/2020)

Commission proposes postponing application of EU medical devices Regulation (Chemical Watch - 07/04/2020)

A deepening health crisis (The Parliament Magazine - 03/04/2020)

Living Planet: Can we really take single-use plastics out of medicine? (Deutsche Welle - 05/03/2020)

Climate emergency: new expert panel will set out how NHS can achieve net zero (British Medical Journal - 25/01/2020)

Industry says voluntary plan to curb antibiotic pollution is working, but critics want regulation (Science Mag - 24/01/2020)

Hospitals could ban commonly used anaesthetic for more eco-friendly version (Mirror Online - 04/01/2020)


NGO urges ‘stringent’ procedures for hazardous substances in medical devices (Chemical Watch - 17/12/2019) [paywall] (first click free)

Babies exposed to endocrine-disruptors in medical products, new study shows (EURACTIV - 05/12/2019)

Coalition sets priorities to “transform EU waste policy” (Circular - 21/11/2019)

EU publishes draft law to implement PFOA ban (Chemical Watch - 12/11/2019) [paywall] (first click free)

For healthy people, we need a healthy planet (British Medical Journal - 28/10/2019) 

Microplastic Pollution: German Study Finds Plastic Byproducts In Over 97% Of Children Tested (GreenQueen - 28/10/2019)

Harmful health or the impact of health on climate change (Mastelfolk - 24/10/2019) [HU]

European Commission publishes guidelines for phthalates in devices (BioWorld MedTech - 17/10/2019) [login required]

Non-PVC IV Bags Market Demands and Opportunities in Grooming Regions (Rapid News Network - 21/09/2019)

The NHS produces 5.4% of the UK’s greenhouse gases. How can hospitals cut their emissions? (The Guardian - 18/09/2019)

Phthalates in medical devices guidance draw 378 comments (Chemical Watch - 17/09/2019)

The health department Xàtiva-Ontinyent receives the prize for climate actions in London (Levante - 17/09/2019) [ES]

Antibiotics: when producing them can hurt. The environmental impacts of the supply chain and the challenges for global health (Altreconomia - 01/09/2019) [paywall] [IT]

EU member states set dental amalgam phase-out provisions (Chemical Watch - 03/09/2019) [paywall]

How Can the Healthcare Sector Leverage its Economic Power to Address Climate Change? (Business Fights Poverty Journal - 14/08/2019)

There is still no national plan to move away from dental amalgam ( - 09/08/2019 ) [PL]

ECHA round-up (Chemical Watch - 18/07/2019)

EU body urges Commission to fund research to tackle EDCs (Chemical Watch - 16/07/2019) [paywall]

Chemicals in healthcare (Chemicals in our life by ECHA 12/07/2019) 

Withdrawal of toxic mercury from dentistry: road map by 1 July 2019 at the latest ( - 24/06/2019) [PL]

NGO Platform: Unnecessary EU exemption permits toxic chemicals in healthcare (Chemical Watch - 17/06/2019) [paywall] (First click free)

What are the two mercury seals thrown into the sewerage system? Poland emits mercury in the air and water and is doing well with it ( - 13/06/2019) [PL]

EU conduct at COP9 of Stockholm Convention criticised ( - 28/05/2019)

Non PVC IV Bags Market rowing Growth Opportunities, Driving Factors With Top Players (Digital Day News - 28/05/2019)

NGOs criticise EU for requiring exemption from global PFOA ban (Chemical Watch - 23/05/2019)

Civil Society condemns the EU’s conduct in "undermining an otherwise effective" worldwide ban of toxic chemical PFOA (EU Today - 11/05/2019)

Plastics that save us may also hurt us (Politico PRO - 09/05/2019)

Campaigners demand tougher rules to limit pharma pollution (ENDS Europe - 11/04/2019) [paywall]

Commission sets strategy to cut medicine pollution (Politico PRO - 11/04/2019)

Schools, universities, hospitals… cities’ new allies to change the food system (Urban Food Futures - 04/04/2019) [available also in FR]

Adoption of Non-PVC IV Bags Market to Surge During the Forecast Period Owing to Increased Consumer Demand (Titan Chronicle - 18/03/2019)

Global Non Pvc Iv Bags Market to Exhibit Significant Opportunity Assessment During the Forecast Period (Digital Day News - 14/03/2019) 

EU residents carry 1.5 thousand tons of mercury ( - 11/03/2019) [PL]

HCWH will monitor the results of the fight against amalgam ( - 07/03/2019) [PL]

NGO issues dental amalgam phase-out guidelines for practitioners (Chemical Watch - 18/02/2019) [paywall]

NGO releases briefing about phasing down dental amalgam (Dental Tribune - 29/01/2019)

NGO publishes guidelines for procurement of safer medical devices (Chemical Watch - 24/01/2019) [paywall]

NGO sets out action plan for EU dental amalgam phase-out (Chemical Watch - 21/01/2019)


Antimicrobial Resistance: Is pharmaceutical pollution creating superbugs (Pharma Technology Focus - 12/2018)

EU Move to Restrict Chemical Phthalates Sparks Blood Bag Concern (Bloomberg Environment - 12/12/2018)

New procurement rules to save antibiotics (WaterFront 3-4/12/2018)

Antibiotic manufacturing in India: the European inaction (Le Monde - 11/12/2018) [FR]

Health Europa Quarterly Issue 07: explore the world of health and medicine (Health Europa - 19/11/2018)

Disinfectants threat (Chemistry & Industry - 08/11/2018) [paywall]

Healthcare must rise to climate change challenge (Health Europa Quarterly p. 9 - 11/2018)

HCWH Europe: Greater action needed on AMR (Health Europa Quarterly p. 10 - 11/2018)

Special future: CleanMed Europe 2018 (Health Europa Quarterly pp. 62-69 - 11/2018)

India Will Aim To Reduce Air Pollution By 20% To 30% By 2024: Modi Government Official (Huffpost - 01/11/2018)

Assessing the environmental risk of pharmaceuticals (Health Europa - 01/11/2018)

The Netherlands’ journey towards more sustainable healthcare (Health Europa - 24/10/2018)

Is there a role for emergency medicine in climate change mitigation & response? (Health Europa - 19/10/2018)

Time for change: EU energy efficiency and renewable energy targets (Health Europa - 12/10/2018)

Pharma and the environment: pollution continues despite public pressure (Pharmaceutical Technology - 02/10/2018)

Sustainable development in the healthcare sector (Healhcare Magazine - 13/09/2018) [FR]

Pharmaceutical pollution linked to rise in superbugs (The Telegraph - 11/09/2018)

HCWH Europe calls on MEPs to push for greater action on antimicrobial resistance (Health Europa - 07/09/2018)

Pharmaceuticals in the Environment ( - 02/08/2018)

The Safer Pharma campaign to eliminate pharmaceuticals in the environment (Health Europa Quarterly pp. 204-205 07/2018)

Safer Pharma campaign – pharmaceuticals in the environment (Market Business News - 27/07/2018)

The Safer Pharma campaign to eliminate pharmaceuticals in the environment (Health Europa 27/07/2018)

NGO sets out to find safest hospital disinfectants (Chemical Watch - 05/07/2018)

European Commission urged to act on pharmaceuticals in the environment (Politico PRO - 02/07/2018)

Heavy workload delays EU report on environmental impact of drugs (EurActiv - 19/06/2018)

NGOs hit out at plans for Horizon 2020 successor (Politico PRO - 26/04/2018)

Vivantes Klinikum Neukölln is doing pioneering work for climate protection (19/03/2018) [DE]

When hospitals embark on the fight against climate change (Liberation - 03/02/2018) [FR]

How can we best communicate the impacts of climate change? (Thomson Reuters Foundation - 05/01/0218)