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EU Mercury Regulation | Implementation tracker



Towards PVC-free healthcare: Reducing environmental impact and exposure to harmful chemicals (05/2023)



Reducing plastic in healthcare | Best practice (06/2022)




 Report | The role of chemistry in sustainable medical textiles (12/2021)



Procurement criteria | European healthcare’s phase-out list for chemicals of concern (11/2021)
Available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. 


Report | Measuring and reducing plastics in the healthcare sector (09/2021)

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Sustainable food contact materials in healthcareFactsheet | Sustainable food contact materials in the European healthcare sector (07/2021)

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Report | Promoting safer disinfectants in the healthcare sector (11/2020)

Report (2nd edition) | Non-toxic healthcare: Alternatives to phthalates and bisphenol A in medical devices 

Report | Strategic procurement in European healthcare (12/2019)

Disponible en español [ES]

Brief | Setting sustainability criteria in healthcare tenders (03/2019)

Factsheet | Guidelines for the procurement of safer medical devices (12/2018)

Factsheet | Moving towards a phase-out of dental amalgam in Europe (12/2018)


Factsheet | Reducing the carbon footprint of healthcare through sustainable procurement (09/2018)

Report | Current practices for the procurement of medical devices in Moroccan hospitals (07/2018) 

Disponible en français [FR]

Brochure | Dental Amalgam in the EU: Heading towards a phase out? (12/2017)

Factsheet | Medical Devices Regulation: An engine for substitution? (12/2017)

Workshop report | Can the Medical Devices Regulation be an engine for for substitution? (06/11/2017)

Report | Non-toxic healthcare: Alternatives to phthalates and bisphenol A in medical devices (31/12/2014)

Factsheet | Sustainable public procurement in European healthcare (12/2014)

Factsheet | Endocrine distruptors in the healthcare sector: Are there reasons for concern? (10/2013)

Factsheet | Mercury free 2020 (10/2013)

Factsheet | Q&A Phasing out mercury thermometers and blood pressure devices (01/2013)

Report | Toward the Tipping Point: WHO-HCWH global initiative to substitute mercury-based medical devices in healthcare (02/06/2010) [Co-published with the WHO]

Guide | Choosing safer products and chemicals: Implementing chemicals policy in healthcare (05/2008)

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Webinars and Podcasts


Infographic | Sustainable waste management - A guide for the healthcare sector (02/2022)



Infographic | Towards Mercury-Free Dentistry in Europe (11/2019)

Infographic | Mercury: A major environmental and public health concern (07/2016)

Infographic | Non-toxic healthcare: Reducing risks with safer alternatives (07/2016)

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