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Climate-smart Healthcare

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 Report | Quick guide to climate-smart procurement (02/2024) 




Resource | Mastering media interviews to promote climate and health (11/2022)

Also available in Spanish [ES]



Front cover of publication Designing a net zero roadmap for healthcarePublication | Designing a net zero roadmap for healthcare: Technical methodology and guidance (08/2022)



Front cover of policy recommendationsPublication | Accelerating healthcare decarbonisation in the Mediterranean region (01/2022)

Also available in Greek [EL]Spanish [ES]Portuguese [PT] and Italian [IT]


Front cover of the Healthcare decarbonisation toolkitPublication | Healthcare decarbonisation toolkit: Experiences from the Mediterranean region (10/2021)

Also available in Greek [EL]Spanish [ES]Portuguese [PT]Italian [IT]French [FR]Dutch [NL], Bulgarian [BG], and Polish [PL]


Front cover of the Road MapReport | Global Road Map for Health Care Decarbonization: A navigational tool for achieving zero emissions with climate resilience and health equity (04/2021)



Health Care's Climate Footprint report coverReport | Health care's climate footprint: How the health sector contributes to the global climate crisis and opportunities for action (09/2019)

Disponible en français [FR]                                                                Beschikbaar in het Nederlands [NL]                                                           Disponible en español [ES]

Factsheet | Reducing the carbon footprint of healthcare through sustainable procurement (09/2018)



Factsheet | Energy efficiency in the healthcare sector: Easy wins through behaviour change (12/2017)



Report | Reducing healthcare's climate footprint: Opportunities for European hospitals and health systems (12/2016)



Report | Reducing the climate footprint: The EU’s legislative framework and the healthcare sector (06/2015)



Report | Acting now for better health: A 30% EU reduction (09/2010) 



Report | Healthy hospitals, healthy planet, healthy people: Addressing climate change in healthcare settings (04/2009)





Simple steps to reducing carbon emissions from healthcare (03/2016)



How does climate change impact health? (2015)


Other resources

Event report | European Healthcare Climate Summit 2023 (02/2024)




Front cover of the 2022 European Healthcare Climate Summit reportEvent report | European Healthcare Climate Summit 2022 (03/2023)




Event report | European Healthcare Climate Summit 2021 (02/2022)




Front cover EHCS2020 report Event report | European Healthcare Climate Summit 2020 (02/2021)




Event report | European Healthcare Climate Summit 2019 (12/2019)




Presentation | Reducing the carbon footprint of anaesthestic gasses (11/2017)


Position paper | The Energy Efficiency Directive (10/2017)




 Statement | Health and fiscal co-benefits of emissions reductions: Summary for negotiators [Available in French(12/2010)

Statement | Stepping up international finance: A European blueprint for the Copenhagen deal (09/2009)