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Shedding light on endocrine disruptors in maternity and paediatric wards (20/02/2024)

From nurse to sustainable healthcare consultant (08/02/2024)

[FR] À Bruxelles, les hôpitaux réclament davantage de partage d'informations de la part de leurs fournisseurs (01/02/2024)


Driving change | Lessons from Milan's Towards Sustainable Healthcare conference (26/10/2023)

Removing harmful PVC from healthcare (15/05/2023)

Reducing plastic from the Cyprus healthcare system (19/04/2023)

Webinar | Reducing exposure to toxic plasticisers in PVC medical devices (13/04/2023)

Sustainable lessons in healthcare | Member placement - North Bristol NHS Trust, UK (06/04/2023)

Lessons in toxic-free circular healthcare | Member placement - Region Västra Götaland, Sweden (06/02/2023)

Webinar [FR] | Transformer les soins de santé grâce à l'alimentation durable (23/01/2023)


Webinar | Reducing plastic and harmful chemical exposure to children [EN, FR, ES, NL] (07/12/2022)

Webinar | How to reduce the impact of plastics in healthcare [EN, FR, ES, NL, EL] (28/11/2022)

Circular Healthcare training for GGHH members (31/08/2022)

Webinar | Safer medical devices: Implementation of the EU MDR and EUDAMED database (24/08/2022)

Promoting sustainable food contact materials in French and Dutch (17/08/2022)

Reducing plastics in healthcare toolkit now in French and Dutch (28/06/2022)

A step forward in phasing-out harmful chemicals: The role of healthcare (16/06/2022)

Reducing plastic in healthcare | Best practice (06/06/2022)

Crunch time for the EU – restrict hazardous chemicals affecting infants (03/03/2022)

Webinar | The role of chemistry in sustainable medical textiles (15/02/2022)

Translated chemicals of concern criteria now available (26/01/2022)

New criteria for sustainable healthcare products (24/01/2022)


The role of chemistry in sustainable medical textiles (08/12/2021)

Promoting sustainable food contact materials in Spanish and Portuguese (24/11/2021)

Measuring and reducing plastics in Spanish healthcare (28/10/2021)

Webinar | Safe and sustainable chemical management in healthcare [EN/ES] (19/10/2021)

Measuring and reducing plastics in the healthcare sector (23/09/2021)

Sustainable food contact materials in healthcare (01/07/2021)

Video | Supporting patient health through proper disinfectant use (28/06/2021)

Why PVC remains a problematic material (23/06/2021)

Event | Tackling harmful chemicals in the healthcare sector (15/06/2021)

Webinar | How to measure and reduce plastic in healthcare (09/06/2021)

Event | Driving the circular economy in healthcare through innovation procurement (31/05/2021)

Webinar | Tackling harmful chemicals in medical devices (26/04/2021)

Prevention is better than cure: Phasing out hazardous chemicals (20/04/2021)

Building resilience: Evaluating the case for reusable medical protective clothing (26/03/2021)

On the road to circular healthcare - reusing medical devices (25/03/2021)

Is the regulation of nano/biocide-treated articles sufficient to protect health and environment (19/02/2021)


Medical textiles - why chemistry matters (18/12/2020)

Sustainable healthcare waste management (03/12/2020)

Promoting safer disinfectants in the healthcare sector (25/11/2020)

Tackling endocrine disrupting chemicals in healthcare facilities: Initiatives from France (29/09/2020)

Safer disinfectants workshop now online – register today (18/03/2020)

Registration open | Promoting safer disinfectants in the global healthcare sector (26/02/2020)

Strategic procurement in European healthcare now available in Spanish (27/01/2020)

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in healthcare: Reducing exposures for patients (22/01/2020)


Strategic procurement in European healthcare (18/12/2019)

Prevention is better than cure: Non-toxic Healthcare (05/12/2019)

Workshop | Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in healthcare: Reducing exposures for patients (04/10/2019)

Towards sustainable healthcare and a healthy environment (01/10/2019)

Toxic and persistent chemicals in medical textiles (03/10/2019)

Towards sustainable healthcare and a healthy environment (01/10/2019)

Four EU countries announce plans to phase out mercury fillings (28/08/2019)

A significant step towards safer chemicals in medical devices (19/07/2019)

Webinar | Promoting safer disinfectants in the healthcare sector (27/06/2019)

Lessons in sustainable procurement from Region Västra Götaland (30/04/2019)

A powerful political message towards effective protection of health (25/04/2019)

Setting sustainability criteria in healthcare tenders (27/03/2019)

(Man-made) antimicrobial resistance in hospitals (26/03/2019)

Substituting medical devices: Lessons from Europe and Morocco (26/02/2019)

Moving towards a phase-out of dental amalgam in Europe (07/02/2019)

Procuring safer medical devices (21/01/2019)

Towards an EU phase-down of mercury in dentistry (16/01/2019)


Medical Devices Regulation – Looking ahead to 2019 (21/12/2018)

Survey on procurement and application of disinfectants in healthcare (19/12/2018)

Participate in HCWH Europe’s new project on disinfectants used in healthcare! (24/09/2018)

Sustainable procurement: The (un)expected strategy to achieve healthier environments in healthcare (06/09/2018)

Webinar | Medical Devices Regulation – Heading in the right direction? (24/08/2018)

New publication - Dental Amalgam in the EU: Heading towards a phase out? (19/03/2018)


Urge MEPs to reject the flawed EDC criteria tomorrow (03/10/2017)

NGOs write to ENVI committee that waste should not be a renewable energy source (03/10/2017)

ENVI committee objects to the European Commission's flawed EDC criteria - next steps (28/09/2017)

Call on MEPs to protect human and environmental health from EDCs (20/09/2017)

The importance of sustainable food procurement in healthcare (28/08/2017)

An historic day: Minamata convention enters into force today (16/08/2017)

EDCs and declining fertility rates (28/07/2017)

Madrid goes EDC free! (25/07/2017)

I can't believe the news today (05/07/2017)

BPA a substance of very high concern - Implications for the Medical Devices Regulation (21/06/2017)

EDC criteria update (27/02/2017)

Indecision, hesitation, and delays (23/02/2017)

REACH identifies four EDCs (20/02/2017)

Progress update | Safer Chemicals (20/01/2017) 



A group of scientists reveal that water boils at 60° Celsius (16/12/2016)

Proposed Mercury Regulation – Will the EU Council grasp the nettle? (26/10/2016)

Celebrating 20 years of campaigning for sustainable healthcare (08/09/2016)

EDC criteria - European Commission consultation biocide regulation (29/07/2016)

REACH Committee approves use of DEHP in recycled PVC (25/04/2016)

When economy meets sutainability (07/03/2016)

EDC-Free Europe Calls on Environment Ministers to act on EDCs (29/02/2016)

Watch | HCWH Europe Deputy Director on Dutch TV Show 'Radar' (09/02/2016)

European Commission Committed to Presenting EDC Criteria before Summer 2016 (08/02/2016)

82 NGOs Co-Sign Letter to the EC Calling for Rapid Implementation of the Minamata Convention (19/01/2016)


European Commission 'Breached Law' on EDCs Criteria Definition Delay (17/12/2015)

18 NGOs Co-Sign Letter to MEP regarding Upcoming Medical Device Regulation Negotiations (12/11/2015)

New Podcast | HCWH Europe at SAICM ICCM4 (03/11/2015)

First in vitro tests of PVC-free Blood Bags have started at Karolinska University Hospital (28/10/2015)

PVC free Blood Bag Webinar Taking Place on October 22nd (07/10/2015)

HCWH Europe Joins the Call for Amalgam Phase Out (07/10/2015)

HCWH Speaking out for Healthcare at SAICM ICCM4 (07/10/2015)

HCWH Europe Welcomes the Endocrine Society's Scientific Statement on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (28/09/2015)

HCWH Release Position Paper & Infographic about Pharmaceuticals at SAICM ICCM4 (28/09/2015)

Time to phase out hazardous chemicals from medical devices (08/05/2015)

Prenatal exposure to phthalate DEHP affects development of baby boys (19/02/2015)

No Consumer health risk from BPS' is misleading (22/01/2015)

Sustainable healthcare in 2015: What to expect from HCWH Europe (14/01/2015)


Joint Intervention at SAICM Open Ended Working Group meeting (15/12/2014)

Budapest workshop on environmental sustainability in the health Sector (27/11/2014)

Demands for an EDC-free Europe in open letter to President Juncker (21/11/2014)

Bologna workshop on sustainability in the Healthcare Sector (17/11/2014)

City of Vienna leads the way in sustainable procurement (15/10/2014)

Registration now open for webinar on EDCs in healtcare (28/08/2014)

EU experts unable to agree on EDC threshholds approach (01/08/2014)

Protection of environment & health must be at the centre of EDC governance in Europe (23/06/2014) 

Expressions of interest for consultancy services on safer alternatives to phthalates and Bisphenol A in medical devices (19/05/2014)

Dutch report reveals millions of syringes are leaching BPA and BADGE (24/03/2014)

Europe needs to increase its effort to reduce cancer rates through changes in environmental policies (04/02/2014)

The new EU Directive on public procurement: a step forward for sustainable public procurement (15/01/2014)


Victory in the European Parliament for the ban of hazardous chemicals in medical devices (22/10/2013)

HCWH-WHO: Mercury-Free Healthcare Worldwide by 2020 (11/10/2013)

ENVI Committee supports the phase out of hazardous chemicals in medical devices (26/09/2013)

European healthcare professionals and patient groups want to end the use of hazardous chemicals in devices (10/09/2013)

HCWH Europe launches Declaration on Safer Medical Devices (27/06/13)

Minor Victories Offer Hope for Public Health (24/06/2013)

Increasing momentum for Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs): relevant actions at EU level (09/04/2013)

Towards a European healthcare that does no harm to citizens and the environment (22/03/2013)

European Parliament calls for effective legislation to minimize risks from endocrine disruptors (13/03/2013)

The European Parliament calls for better protection of human health from Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) (23/01/2013)


France's important move towards phasing out phthalates in Medical Devices (13/10/2012)