Call for proposals | European Healthcare Climate Summit 2023

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Targeting healthcare’s emissions hotspots

29 November 2023 - 10:00-16:30 CET |  Mundo Madou, Brussels

HCWH Europe is now accepting proposals for presentations at the European Healthcare Climate Summit 2023. This year’s conference will tackle the highest emitting parts of healthcare delivery. Do you have a proven example that has made a real difference in targeting the biggest emissions hotspots in healthcare? Submit a proposal before Friday, 6 October 2023.

The lion’s share of emissions, more than three-quarters, comes from buildings, transport, and the supply chain. Reducing these emissions is, therefore, crucial to achieving net zero emissions. The fifth edition of the conference will focus on targeting these emissions with a particular focus on the procurement of pharmaceuticals and single-use devices, clean transport, and sustainable hospital buildings. 

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Help us shape the future of healthcare

Working with healthcare facilities across Europe, we have identified key knowledge gaps in going beyond easy wins and addressing these larger components of emissions. We would love to hear what innovative solutions you are currently using to meet this challenge across Europe. We are particularly looking for projects covering the following topics: 

  • Procurement of pharmaceuticals and single-use devices
    • E.g. cutting out emissions-heavy products, examples of tried and tested product-specific procurement guidance, or joint procurement initiatives that had an impact at a regional, national, or international level
  • Clean transport
    • E.g. alternatives for emissions-intensive hospital fleets, integration with public transport, sustainable employee commuting
  • Sustainable hospital buildings 
    • E.g. eco-design, sustainable construction, retro-fitting projects

To encourage debate and discussion, we are looking for speakers to join us in person in Brussels. HCWH Europe will cover travel and accommodation costs for speakers.

Who will attend?

The European Healthcare Climate Summit is primarily aimed at sustainability professionals, senior decision-makers working within healthcare facilities, and healthcare professionals. Your presentation should inspire this audience with proven practices and innovative solutions, ultimately driving action towards climate-smart healthcare.

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