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The European Commission must not hold back in the fight against AMR (16/05/2022)

By not preserving colistin, the EMA’s advice undermines efforts to combat AMR (14/03/2022)

Health professionals urge the European Commission to safeguard life-saving medicine colistin (15/02/2022)


Time to clean up the pharmaceutical industry (15/09/2020)

MEPs join forces to boost European Parliament actions to tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR) (19/02/2020)


Despite warnings, EU environmental regulations fail to address pharmaceutical pollution at the expense of current and future generations (10/04/2019)

Progress - but much more is needed to fully address the impact of pharmaceuticals on our health and the environment in the EU (18/03/2019)


MEPs urged to push for action on AMR after years of European Commission inaction (06/09/2018)

Envi votes for a more proactive and targeted approach to tackle AMR (20/06/2018)


20 Organisations sign declaration expressing serious concern about pharmaceuticals in the environment in the EU (16/11/2017)

European Commission lacks substance on antimicrobial resistance action plan (29/06/2017)

The European Commission must fulfill their obligation to reduce to reduce pharmaceutical pollution (19/01/17)


HCWH Europe launch Safer Pharma campaign at CleanMed Europe 2016 (20/10/2016)

European NGOs call on European Commission to follow through on their promise to address pharmaceutical pollution of water (14/09/2017)


Regulators’ Neglect of Pharma Pollution Worldwide is Deadly Policy gap for Europe (18/12/2015)

SAICM Process Helping the Move Towards Safer Chemicals in Healthcare (02/10/2015)

HCWH Europe releases new guide to help doctors reduce pharmaceutical pollution (01/08/2015)

Collaboration is the key to managing pharmaceuticals in the environment (29/01/2015)


Pharmaceutical trade body EFPIA and environmental health NGO HCWH Europe conclude Joint Debate to work towards solutions for pharmaceuticals in the environment (27/10/2014)

WHO Resolution on Antimicrobial Drug Resistance Approved (26/05/2014)

Member States need to act on antibiotic resistance (23/05/2014)

HCWH Europe calls on Member States and the European Commission to tackle the problem of pharmaceuticals in the environment (10/02/2014)