EU 2030 climate and energy targets to be agreed in October

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Today, the European Council took stock of progress made towards a final decision in October on the 2030 climate and energy framework. The heads of states and governments agreed today that the 2030 greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions reduction target will be fully in line with the EU’s ambitious Energy Roadmap for 2050.

The Council also held its first discussion on the Commission's European Energy Security Strategy (EESS). President Barroso highlighted that there was already a broad agreement on the Strategy among Member States.It was also confirmed that the Council will take the critical decisions on energy security and the 2030 package in October. This way Europe can maintain a leadership in climate issues.

This is still below the necessary level of ambition. In the 2011 Communication ‘Energy Roadmap 2050’ the EU committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 80-95% below 1990 levels by 2050 (in the context of necessary reductions by developed countries as a group.)

According to the Commission’s own Impact Assessment from January 2014, the proposed greenhouse reductions target of 40% will not be sufficient to reach this long-term ambition. Also, the recent European Energy Security Strategy (instead of promoting energy efficiency) proposes measures that will not moderate energy demand of the EU.

Health Care Without Harm Europe is calling for binding targets of at least 55% greenhouse gas emission reductions, a 45% renewable energy share, and 40% energy savings by 2030.

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