Webinar | Promoting safer disinfectants in the healthcare sector

Thursday 27 June, 15:30 - 16:30 CEST

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Disinfectants used in healthcare facilities contain biocidal active substances that pose different potential hazards to health and the environment. To combat these unintended hazards, Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) Europe is coordinating the SAICM 2.0 project, which aims to promote the use of safer and more environmentally friendly disinfectants without compromising on hygienic and occupational health standards. This project primarily focuses on frequently used routine disinfectants e.g. for hands, skin, surfaces, healthcare equipment, instruments, or laundry.

By adjusting procurement criteria for healthcare disinfectants and expanding purchasers’ knowledge on the environmental impact of disinfectants, we can reduce the potential risks.

The primary phase of the project consisted of a survey about the procurement and application of disinfectants at healthcare facilities. Over 70 healthcare facilities responded to this survey and the results will be aggregated in a product benchmark and presented anonymously in a report. HCWH Europe will follow-up with some of the surveyed facilities for a more in-depth analysis and to produce case studies highlighting challenges and best practices. The results of this project will also be integrated in the Sustainable Health in Procurement Program (SHiPP) which promotes sustainable procurement in the health sector, United Nations (UN) Agencies, and in key project countries.

This webinar aims to:

  • Raise awareness about the potential hazards of disinfectants in healthcare settings, as well as the need for chemical substitution and harmonised sustainable public procurement criteria
  • Present the preliminary results of the survey and illustrate the next phase of the project
  • Share the experiences of two Swedish institutions participating in the project - Västra Götaland Region and Sahlgrenska University Hospital


Manfred Klade, PhD Chemist and Environmental Engineer - Bureau for Chemical Engineering TB-Klade

Manfred supports HCWH Europe’s project SAICM 2.0 and is responsible for the hazard analysis of disinfectants. He previously led the research unit Ecological Product Policy at the Inter-University Research Centre IFZ in Graz (Austria); the unit’s working priorities comprised green procurement and sustainable consumption. At IFZ Manfred also developed the assessment scheme for the WIDES database - an assessment tool to document and compare adverse “side effects” of disinfectants. Manfred has a widespread interest in ecology and sustainability and is also engaged in assessing ecologically and toxicologically relevant properties of substances and products.

Anders Bolmstedt, Phd Chemist - Region Västra Götaland, Sweden. Chair of the Board – Health Care Without Harm Europe

Anders coordinates the chemical management in Region Västra Götaland from the aspects of health and environmental protection. His work involves setting up and evaluating demands in procurement, and educating employees about the safe management of hazardous chemicals. Anders has been involved in risk assessments of hazardous chemicals for over 15 years and initiated the National Substitution Group (NSG) in Sweden where he is still active. He is employed by the occupational health service of the Region and is also involved in promoting healthy lifestyles for a sustainable future.

Jessica Ikonen, Infection Prevention and Control Nurse - Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden

As a registered nurse Jessica has worked in infection prevention and control for almost 20 years, both in the United Kingdom and Sweden. Within her role she participates in procurement and advises on matters relating to infection prevention and control. She is a clinical nurse specialist in intensive care and anaesthesia care and holds a BSc in Infection Control from University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. 

Arianna Gamba, Procurement Policy and Projects Officer - Health Care Without Harm Europe

Arianna oversees the SAICM 2.0 project on the procurement and application of safer disinfectants in healthcare and coordinates HCWH Europe’s contributions to the Sustainable Health in Procurement Project (SHiPP). With a European MSc in Health Economics and Management, she also has international experience in non-profit, intergovernmental, and business sectors of cooperation and development, international affairs, healthcare and sustainability.

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