New Podcast | HCWH Europe at SAICM ICCM4

From September 28th to October 2nd 2015, the fourth session of the international conference on chemicals management (the ICCM4), under the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management process (SAICM) took place in Geneva. SAICM is a policy framework that brings together multi-sectoral stakeholders to address chemical safety worldwide. The approach covers the management of agricultural and industrial chemicals throughout their life-cycle, addressing the environmental, social health, and labour aspects of chemical safety.

Participating NGOs at the IPEN Preparatory Meeting

Health Care Without Harm, along with IPEN, the International POPs Elimination Network and other NGOs, worked together throughout the week to push for more environmentally sustainable practices to be incorporated into chemicals management policies.

Working with the support of IPEN, these NGOs tackled the policy issues of Environmentally Persistent Pharmaceutical Pollutants (known as EPPPs), Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (or EDCs), Nanomaterials, Electronics, Highly Hazardous Pesticides (known as HHPs), Lead in Paint and Perflourinated Compounds (PFCs).

In this podcast, we speak to people working with NGOs all over the world on these issues. 

The Podcast: