Survey on the procurement and application of disinfectants in healthcare

HCWH Europe has launched a survey on disinfectants used in healthcare – a first step in our new SAICM 2.0 project, funded by the German Environmental Agency which is aimed at promoting the use of safer and more environmentally friendly disinfectants without compromising hygienic and occupational health standards.

If you have a detailed insight into the procurement and application of disinfectants at your healthcare facility, we would like to hear from you - participate in our survey today.

The results of this project will be integrated in the Sustainable Health in Procurement Program (SHiPP) which promotes sustainable procurement in the health sector, United Nations (UN) Agencies, and in key project countries by reducing the toxicity of chemicals and materials in health products, reducing greenhouse gases in the supply chain, and conserving resources.

With this survey, we aim to learn more about the practice of procurement and application of disinfectants within healthcare organisations. The results of the survey will be aggregated in a product benchmark and presented anonymously in a report. The goal of this report will be to describe current procurement practices and use of disinfectants and provide case studies and recommendations for improvements. Each participating organisation can receive their individual results and may be eligible for a tailored recommendation for alternative products.

For more information, please contact HCWH Europe's Procurement Policy and Projects Officer, Arianna Gamba (

Fill out the survey here