Madrid goes EDC free!

At the end of June the city of Madrid approved a motion with a set of measures to reduce citizen’s exposure to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs). The motion was proposed by Ecologistas en Acción and HCWH Europe member Fundación Alborada, around a year ago. After several meetings and months of discussion with politicians of Ahora Madrid and the Socialist Group, as well as with health and environment officers, an agreement was finally made.
The motion was presented by these two groups along with Ciudadanos in the Plenary on 28th of June, and was approved by majority with the only abstention of the Popular Party. Madrid is the capital of Spain and the city with the largest population, with over 3 million inhabitants and is now number 10 in the list of cities joining the EDC-free cities network:

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Madrid is now committed to:

  1. Limiting the use of pesticides and biocides containing EDCs in public places (parks, schools, health centers etc.)

  2. Limiting the use of EDCs in public contracts including this limitation as an environmental clause, also avoiding carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic (CMR) substances.

  3. Reducing exposure to EDCs through food by promoting organic food in school canteens and other public services, and avoiding food packaging containing BPA, phtalates, and others.

  4. Informing citizens about EDCs and raising awareness within vulnerable groups such as children, pregnant women, ill people, etc.

  5. Asking the Region of Madrid, the Health Ministry and the Environment Ministry to develop policies to protect human health and to immediately ban EDCs.

For further information, read this article on the campaign website (ES/Google translate) or watch the video below (ES):