ENVI committee objects to the European Commission's flawed EDC criteria - next steps

Today (28th September 2017), the Environment Committee of the European Parliament (ENVI committee) voted to object to the European Commission’s proposed criteria to identify endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs)

  • 36 for objection
  • 26 against objection
  • 0 abstentions

HCWH Europe is critical of the EDC criteria as proposed by the European Commission and therefore welcomes this result. HCWH Europe has raised concerns with relevant decision makers, such as the competent EU Health Ministers and MEPs about the potentially damaging consequences of the EDC criteria, especially for the Medical Devices Regulation.

“These criteria will influence and determine those defined under the Biocides Regulation, which in turn will impact upon the Medical Devices Regulation.”

Philippe Vandendaele, Chemicals Policy Advisor - HCWH Europe

(NGOs call on European Parliament to reject flawed criteria for the sake of human health and environment protection - 04/07/2017) 

The ENVI committee’s rejection of these criteria today is an important first step, HCWH Europe now calls on MEPs to follow suit and reject the European Commission’s flawed EDC criteria for the sake of human and environmental health.

The current proposal remains a source of concern, in particular the high burden of proof required to identify EDCs - for these criteria to be effectively rejected, the European Parliament need to vote down the proposed criteria when meeting in plenary next week on the 3rd of October.

Sign the EDC free petition and call on MEPs to protect human and environmental health from EDCs in next week's vote