HCWH Europe Joins the Call for Amalgam Phase Out

Health Care Without Harm Europe today joined with other NGOs to call for the phase out of dental amalgam in the European Union. Although the EU is the largest user of dental mercury in the world, there is currently no policy to phase out amalgam in Europe.

In a joint statement with six other NGOs, today we urge the EU to develop policies to move away from amalgam use and work towards reaching their own goals on the phase out of mercury.

The statement outlines a number of key reasons for the need for this phase out, including the public support for the movement, the lower costs that can arise from the switch to composite fillings, and the successful implementation of a phase out in some member states already.

Speaking after the release of the statement today, HCWH Europe Executive Director Anja Leetz said: Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands have shown the rest of the European Union that it is possible to phase out the use of dental amalgam and to treat patients with alternative materials. It is in the interest of patient’s health and the environment that other countries follow suit. It is doable, alternatives are available and it is what the public wants. Europe needs to stop talking and take action: phase out dental amalgam in the European Union.” 

Read the statement here.

(Preview Image: anton petukhov via Flickr CC)