Urge MEPs to reject the flawed EDC criteria tomorrow

Last week HCWH Europe reported on the vote in the Environment Committee of the European Parliament rejecting the proposed European Commission criteria to identify endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). For these criteria to be effectively rejected, however, the European Parliament needs to vote the proposed criteria downin plenary. This plenary vote is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday the 4th of October. 

HCWH Europe has contacted all the Members of the European Parliament, urging them to reject the flawed EDC criteria proposed by the European Commission:

“The EDC criteria will have a direct effect on the new Medical Devices Regulation - the possibility of replacing harmful chemicals (such as EDCs) with safer alternatives in medical devices will be watered down.”

“If not classified as EDCs, because of the exacting level of proof, there will be no need to replace these substances contained in medical devices that are put on the market. This will undoubtedly lower protection for EU citizens; worryingly, those most affected by the adverse effects of EDCs are particularly vulnerable groups such as: medical patients, foetuses, small children, and pregnant women.”

- Excerpts from HCWH Europe’s direct communications with MEPs

HCWH Europe remains critical of these criteria and is alerting relevant decision makers, such as the European Parliament and also the competent EU Health Ministers, about the potentially damaging knock-on effects of the EDC criteria, specifically the Medical Devices Regulation. The current proposal remains a source of concern, in particular the high burden of proof required to identify EDCs.

ACT NOW: Sign the EDC free petition and call on MEPs to protect human and environmental health from EDCs in tomorrow's vote (04/10/2017) 

Preview image: Sebastien Bertrand via Flickr cc