Webinar | Circular economy in the healthcare sector: Experiences from FLOOW2

Webinar | Circular economy in the healthcare sector: Experiences from FLOOW2

Transitioning to a circular economy is all about changing the linear way the European supply chain currently operates: take – make – dispose. A circular economy represents  an economic model where resources are ultimately never wasted; the healthcare sector has a major role to play in improving resource efficiency and minimising waste. 

The healthcare sector is a major public purchaser of goods and services – requiring a vast diversity of medical equipment, high-tech facilities, experts, and personnel in order to provide efficient medical care to their community. Considering how resource intensive healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, are, there is immense potential to improve resource efficiency through asset sharing. 

HCWH Europe hosted a webinar on the 11th May to introduce FLOOW2, a platform that is encouraging a transition towards a circular economy within the healthcare sector by facilitating asset sharing between hospitals.

In this webinar, you will learn about ways that your hospital can reduce its environmental footprint, and save costs through simply sharing the resources you already have! Lieke will introduce the concept of sharing assets and the opportunities this presents for sustainable healthcare organisations. FLOOW2healthcare.com is a unique online platform that brings healthcare organisations or departments and entities within organisations together to share equipment, facilities, excess stock, and staff knowledge leading to financial savings, an enriched network, and a sustainable healthcare system.

A recording of the webinar and the featured presentations are available below: 



Ana-Christina Gaeta Introduction to HCWH Europe and the webinar

Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) Europe, Resources & Cliamte Policy Officer

Lieke van Kerkhoven - Introducing FLOOW2

FLOOW2, Co-founder

Lieke van Kerkhoven is one of the co-founders of FLOOW2 Healthcare and responsible for business development. Lieke has a background in healthcare. She studied medicine and has been working in several managerial and organisational positions in healthcare organisations in The Netherlands and abroad for the past 10 years. She experienced first-hand how much organisations can benefit from sharing their assets amongst each other, in the first place financially, but certainly also socially and environmentally. From her passion to contribute to a healthier healthcare, she co-founded FLOOW2 Healthcare. This is the first sharing marketplace for healthcare organisations to share equipment, services, facilities, knowledge and skills within or between organisations. 

Wouter van Wijhe - Paving the way for asset sharing at Radboud University Medical Centre 

Radboud University Medical Centre, Nijmegen

Wouter van Wijhe is a Policy advisor for sustainability at Radboud UMC, one of the major university medical centres in The Netherlands. Radboud UMC will launch their own sharing marketplace coming May. Wouter will share their reasons to start sharing assets, their expectations, and the preparatory process needed to pave the way for launching a sharing marketplace in a complex organisation like a university medical centre.

Ted Antrag - One year after implementing an internal sharing marketplace

Albert Schweitzer Hospital, Head of Logistics