EDCs - PVCFree Blood Bag Webinar


In October 2015, HCWH Europe organised a webinar with the PVC Free Blood Bag project.

The webinar was about why and how to bring a new, safer blood bag to healthcare and both the demand and supply side were represented by voices from healthcare and industry. The presenters at the webinar were: Gustav Eriksson, Head of Environment at Karolinska University Hospital, Jesper Laursen, Business Director and co-owner of MELITEK, and Lena Stigh, Project Manager, PVCfreeBloodBag, Jegrelius Institute for Applied Green Chemistry. The moderator host was Grazia Cioci, Deputy Director, HCWH Europe. 

You can watch the webinar below or click on any of the names below to view their presentation.

Watch the Webinar Here: