Presentations from Budapest Workshop 2014

In November 2014, Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) Europe co-hosted a workshop on 'Environmental sustainability in the health sector: European practices and Hungarian potential' [agenda] in Budapest, Hungary. The presentations made by speakers can be found below. Read our event report to find out more about this workshop.

Opening Session: Environmental Sustainability in Healthcare

Environmental sustainability in the health sector & HCWH Europe's activities - Anja Leetz, HCWH Europe

The new Public Procurement Directive - what implications for Hungary - Dr Ágnes Varga, Public Procurement Authority (Hungary). Only available in Hungarian. 

Green Public Procurement and Implementation in Hungary - Orsolya Diófási-Kovács, Survive Enviro Environmental Management Consulting Nonprofit Ltd

Panel Discussion I: Energy management in Healthcare

Lessons from a European project: The input of RES-Hospitals and its Guide for the challenge of environmental sustainability in the health sector - Simona Ganassi Agger

BUND label "Energy Saving Hospital" - Best practice examples in Germany - Annegret Dickhoff, BUND-Berlin

Region Skåne - Fossil fuel free by 2020 - Anna Palminger, Region Skåne

Panel Discussion II: Environmentally Friendly Healthcare Facilities - Design, Procurement & Management

Incorporating sustainability into tendering procedures for construction works in Austria - Johannes Wall, Graz University of Technology

Environmental sustainability in the Ferrara Hospital: Focus on "Green Cleaning" - Paola M. Antonioli, Ferrara University Hospital

Against all odds - saving money by investing in people and energy in Sucha Beskidzska Hospital - Marcin Kautsch, Jagiellonian University Medical College

Panel Discussion III: EU funds at the service of healthcare energy investments in Hungary

EU funds at the service of healthcare investments in Hungary - Zoltán Polyánszky-Tamási, Századvég Economic Research Institute

Horizon 2020 Opportunities for funding Health Programmes - Dr Klára Horváth National Innovation Office (Hungary)

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