Pharmaceuticals in the Environment Case Studies

Environmental Classification of Pharmaceuticals -Sweden

As part of their objective to reduce pharmaceutical residues in water one of our members, the Stockholm County Council has been classifying medicines according to their potential impact on the environment (2014-2015 booklet) and providing training to doctors on how to use the environmental hazard classification in their prescription practices – 10 Green Prescription Practices.

The classification system is used considering the environmental impact of pharmaceuticals on the so-called Wise List (Kloka Listan), a list of recommended pharmaceuticals for common diseases.

MistraPharma - Sweden

MistraPharma is a research programme funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research working to identify human pharmaceuticals that are likely to be of concern to aquatic ecosystems and address the risk for antibiotic resistance promotion in the environment. MistraPharma will also propose risk management strategies, in particular improved regulatory test requirements and wastewater treatment technologies.