EDCs Case studies

Austria - PVC free neonatology

To avoid unnecessary health burdens for premature babies, the Vienna Hospitals Association adopted a PVC-free policy in their Neonatal Intensive Care Units. The criteria cover invasive consumables and products that come into contact with the skin of babies. In the Neonatology Unit of the Glanzing Children's Hospital, the phase-out of PVC started in 2001 and the PVC content of invasive medical products was halved by 2010, with an estimated increase in prices of less than 15%.


Germany - ToxFox the Cosmetics Check

Our member BUND - Friends of the Earth Germany launched in 2013 a mobile application to allow consumers to check if their cosmetics and personal care products contain 16 critical endocrine disrupting chemicals. The consumer can use the app to scan the bar-code of a product and immediately know if one of the 16 substances are contained and what the concern about the chemical is.