Presentations from Bologna Workshop 2014

In November 2014, Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) Europe co-hosted a workshop on 'Sustainability in the Healthcare Sector: Public Procurement, Energy and Mobility [agenda] in Bologna, Italy. The presentations made by speakers can be found below. Read our event report for further information and photos from this workshop.

Session I: International Experiences

Presentation of HCWH and main ongoing projects - Anja Leetz, Health Care Without Harm Europe

The international network of Health Promoting Hospitals (HP), its Task Force and Standards on Environment - Jürgen M. Pelikan

Activities and results of the NHS Sustainable Development Unit - Sonia Roschnik, NHS SDU

Session II: EU Experiences

La Direttiva Europea sugli Acquisti - criteri ambientali e sociali - Simone Ricotta, PAN GPP 

Appalti etici nel settore sanitario - esperienze europee e guida italiana - Simone Ricotta, PAN GPP 

The WIDES Database: How to procure safer disinfectants - Marion Jaros, Vienna Ombuds Office for Environmental Protection & Manfred Klade, Engineering Office Klade

Health promotion in Barcelona - Cristina Iniesta Blasco, Barcelona City Council

Session III: National and Regional Experiences

Environmental and economic sustainability: The role of the health system - Liliana La Sala, Ministry of Health (Italy)

Uso razionale dell'energia nell'ospedale di Ferrara - Gerardo Bellettato, Servizio Sanitario Regionale Emilia-Romagna

Mobility management: EcoQUIP project - Simona Agger

Social sustainability in public procurement - Laura Carpineti, ARCA

Acquisti pubblici verde: Esempi applicativi in Emilia-Romagna - Ortensina Guidi, Intercent-ER

First Life Cycle Assessment on sterile drops in operating rooms - Alessandra Bonoli, Università di Bologna

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