CleanMed Europe conferences

Founded in the United States in 2001 by the non-profit organisation Health Care Without Harm, CleanMed soon gained a global reputation as the premier conference on environmental sustainability in the healthcare sector. The success of the US conferences inspired the launch of CleanMed Europe in Vienna, Austria in 2004. There have since been a total of 17 CleanMed conferences across the US and Europe. 

CleanMed Europe is the only European conference on sustainability within the healthcare sector. The conference addresses the environmental impact of the healthcare sector on a local, regional and global level. This is organised by Health Care Without Harm Europe.

CleanMed Europe 2018 | Nijmegen

CleanMed Europe 2016 | Copenhagen


CleanMed Europe 2013 | Oxford

CleanMed Europe 2012 | Malmö


CleanMed Europe 2006 | Stockholm

CleanMed Europe 2004 | Vienna
CleanMed Europe 2004 | Wien (German site)

Oxford 2013  •  Malmö 2012  •  Stockholm 2006  •  Vienna 2004 EN / Wien 2004 DE