Akif Görgülü - Chemicals & Plastics Policy Coordinator

My main responsibility within the Circular Healthcare team is to coordinate the policy pillar of The first 1000 days project. I also support other key activities to accelerate the healthcare sector's transition towards a circular economy with a sustainable supply chain and toxic-free and longer-lasting products.

The state of our environment has such a profound effect on our genes that I went on to complete a BSc in Biology followed by a MSc in Cell and Molecular Biology at Uppsala University to learn more about it. I completed my master's thesis by the French shores, on the topic of embryological development of sea urchins. My career started as a lab analyst in the pharmaceutical industry and later continued at a medical device company.

I have followed the climate discourse all my life and am dedicated to sustainability and the welfare of our planet. I first shifted towards environmental policy with a traineeship at the European Commission. I continued down that path and found myself a home at HCWH Europe right after. 

I am a Turkish Swede and love listening to music and reading literature from both cultures; I am a poet who sometimes runs domestic open-mic nights. My hobbies include bouldering, running and expanding my language skills. I also love traversing the continent by train, and discovering new towns and cultures while maintaining a low carbon footprint.

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