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  • Europe

Thursday 23 April 2020 | 14:30 - 17:00 CEST

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Due to health & safety concerns and travel and event restrictions surrounding the recent COVID-19 outbreak in Europe, we will now be moving this event online and adapting the format to a webinar. We hope that this will make the event more accessible during this difficult time whilst avoiding cancelling this important event - thank you for understanding.

The event will be hosted on the free-to-access WebEx platform, available on computer, telephone, or tablet/smartphone – prior registration is required. The agenda has been updated to reflect the shorter webinar format of the event, which will now last 2.5 hours instead of a full day – a recording will also be made available to registrants – register today.

Disinfectants are widely used in healthcare settings - they are essential to prevent the outbreak of disease and hospital-acquired infections. They may, however, contain biocidal active substances that can pose occupational health hazards, environmental threats to water organisms, and can further foster antimicrobial resistance.

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Through the SAICM 2.0 project, HCWH Europe promotes the use of safer and more environmentally friendly disinfectants without compromising on hygienic and occupational health standards. 

As part of this project, HCWH Europe is organising the online webinar Promoting safer disinfectants in the global healthcare sector, designed for regulators, disinfectant manufacturers, hygienists, chemical experts, and hospital staff who manage disinfectant procurement.

Webinar objectives

  1. Raise awareness about the potential hazards of disinfectants in healthcare settings globally, and globally, and the need for effective chemical substitution and harmonised sustainable public procurement criteria
  2. Share experience and lessons learnt in replacing disinfectants with safer, effective products

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