European Healthcare Climate Council

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Established by Health Care Without Harm Europe in 2016, the European Healthcare Climate Council (EHCC) is a coalition of hospitals and health systems that are committed to strengthening the health sector’s response to climate change.

The EHCC is built on the recognition that climate change is the largest public health threat of the 21st century. The healthcare sector is contributing an enormous amount of harmful emissions, which in turn undermines the health of the same population it is meant to heal. The healthcare sector has a unique opportunity to be a global leader in protecting health from climate change, starting with reducing its own GHG emissions. 

Members of the EHCC are dedicated to act as leaders for low carbon, healthy, and resilient health systems. The European Healthcare Climate Council provides a platform for members to exchange ideas, progress, and best practices, collaborate in joint projects, and ultimately to inspire hospitals across Europe and globally to take action and protect their communities from the adverse impacts of climate change. 

The objectives of the European Healthcare Climate Council are to:

  • Demonstrate leadership by engaging and supporting the implementation of European and national policies and programmes that ensure a sustainable and healthy future for all individuals and communities
  • Expand the health sector’s adoption of climate change mitigation and resiliency approaches
  • Raise awareness about the importance of the link between climate change and health and wellbeing for individuals and communities
  • Explore sustainable solutions for healthcare and hospitals for the future. 

To find out more about the European Healthcare Climate Council, please contact Scott Brady.

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Press release | EHCC Declaration 1.5C (2018-10-11)