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Sustainable Food

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Policy recommendations | Improve animal welfare to ensure responsible use of antibiotics (10/2022)



Sustainable procurement criteria | Responsible antimicrobial use in products of animal origin (04/2022)



Report | Veterinary medicine in European food production (02/2022)

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Factsheet | Reducing antimicrobial resistance in food production (01/2022)



Growing food, growing healthy communities: Opportunities for the European healthcare sectorPublication | Growing food, growing healthy communities: Opportunities for the European healthcare sector (03/2021)


the MECAHF project reportReport | Applying a Circular Economy model to food in the European healthcare sector (02/2021)

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Publication | How to green food services in European healthcare (06/2020)




Factsheet | Procuring vending machines in healthcare: Guidelines to promote healthier and sustainable choices (08/2019)




Factsheet | Plant-based food: Guidelines for healthcare (09/2018)





Recommendations | Leading the transition to healthy and sustainable food in healthcare (08/2018)



Brochure | Reducing hospital malnutrition with a circular economy approach (12/2017)




Policy overview | Food pathways to antimicrobial resistance - A call for international action (09/2017)



Report | Fresh, healthy, and sustainable food: Best practice in European healthcare (12/2016) 

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Factsheet | Food waste in European healthcare settings (10/2016)





Fresh, local and organic: A successful recipe for improving Europe's hospital food (12/2007)



Recipe for change: 10 "Golden Rules" for getting more local and organic food onto hospital menus (01/2008)



Model menu for sustainable food (01/2008)




Better food, better health, better environment: The benefits of sustainable food procurement in hospitals (01/2008) 





Other HCWH Europe resources 

Workshop report | Food waste and nutrition in healthcare facilities: developing a circular economy [FR] (07/2019)



Workshop report | Healthy and sustainable food in healthcare (12/2018)




Policy Paper | Food waste in the Circular Economy Package (05/2017)




Workshop report | Food waste in healthcare: European policy and national initiatives (27/06/2017)



Workshop report | Healthy and sustainable food in healthcare (10/2016)