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Procurement criteria for responsible use of antimicrobials in food production (05/07/2022)

Factsheet | Reducing antimicrobial resistance in food production (20/01/2022)


Growing food, growing healthy communities: Opportunities for the European healthcare sector (24/03/2021)

Webinar | Strategies to unlock the power of food in healthcare (02/03/2021)

A circular economy of food in healthcare (18/02/2021)

Webinar | Towards safe and sustainable food contact materials in European healthcare (15/02/2021)

Webinar | From data to action: How to reduce food waste in European healthcare (27/01/2021)


Rethinking hospital food: Plant-based culinary challenge (15/12/2020)

Agricultural policy is health policy (30/11/2020)

The fight against food waste in French healthcare [FR] (07/10/2020)

Webinar recording | How to green food services in European healthcare (10/06/2020)

Webinar | How to green food services in European healthcare (28/05/2020)

Supporting a sustainable food system from farm to fork (17/03/2020)

Let food be your medicine (10/02/2020)


Webinar recording | Improving the sustainability of healthcare vending machines (19/11/2019)

Healthcare commits to nourishing people and the planet (23/10/2019)

Towards sustainable healthcare and a healthy environment (01/10/2019)

Webinar | Improving the sustainability of healthcare vending machines (24/09/2019)

Hospitals fighting climate change and disease with plants (07/08/2019)

Workshop report | Food waste and nutrition in healthcare facilities: developing a circular economy (08/07/2019)

Lessons in sustainable food | Member placement - South-Eastern Region, Norway (05/07/2019)

Stockholm hospital’s food programme wins prestigious environmental award (25/06/2019)

Join the conference on the circular economy of food in the European healthcare sector (07/05/2019)

Building sustainable food systems in healthcare (10/01/2019)


Make pulses part of your diet (11/12/2018)

Plant-based diets and the transition to healthy and sustainable food in healthcare (22/10/2018)

A long-term vision for organic meals in healthcare facilities (26/09/2018)

Workshop | Sustainable and Healthy Food in Healthcare (24/08/2018)

Healthy nutrition guidelines for children in healthcare settings (27/06/2018)

HCWH Europe's sustainable food report is now available in French (30/05/2018)

New brochure shows how hospitals can reduce patient malnutrition with a circular economy approach (30/01/2018)


Waste Framework Directive adopted - consequences for food waste in healthcare (21/12/2017)

Online Community of Experts helps tackle food waste in Europe (16/10/2017)

Policy Overview: Food Pathways to AMR – A Call for International Action (27/09/2017)

The importance of sustainable food procurement in healthcare (28/08/2017)

Support the EU food waste campaign (19/05/2017)

How to halve food waste (08/03/2017)

Sustainable and Healthly Food in Healthcare workshop report now available (31/01/2017)

HCWH Europe comments on the EC's Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste (23/01/2017)


Local solutions to global problems (15/12/2016)

HCWH Europe attend the first meeting of the EC Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste (06/12/2016)

HCWH Europe release food waste in European healthcare brochure (03/11/2016)

Show us your food! (04/10/2016)

Is the healthcare sector sending the wrong message about sugar? (21/09/2016)

Be more organic this September! (16/09/2016)

Are we ready for a local hospital food policy? (16/08/2016)

HCWH Europe joins EU Platform Food Losses and Food Waste (05/08/2016)

The EU needs a Common Food Policy (26/07/2016)

Solving the hidden problem of hospital malnutrition (21/06/2016)

Use less salt, and more healthier alternatives (21/06/2016)

Everything you know about nutrition is wrong (03/06/2016)

Healthy diets for children in hospitals (25/05/2016)

Should we stop eating meat? (19/05/2016)

Know your farmer, know your food! (02/05/2016)

Global Food Policy Report (14/04/2016)

I’m still wondering, what should I eat? (11/04/2016)

Waste for thought (24/02/2016)


Request for expressions of interest for consultancy services on sustainable food (13/05/2014)