Pharmaceuticals in the Environment News

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2017 Green Pharmacy Conference (14/07/2017)

HCWH Europe at Scottish 'Pharmaceuticals and priority chemicals in the Highlands and Islands environment' joint workshop (27/06/2017)

Strategic approach to pharmaceuticals in the environment (05/06/2017)

New animation explaining pharmaceutical pollution and Safer Pharma (12/05/2017)

How could it have ever come to this? [Documentary] (10/05/2016)

HCWH Europe reaction to EC Roadmap on pharmaceuticals in the environment (03/05/2017)


Pharmaceuticals in the Environment: Make ideas work! - Workshop report now available (23/12/2016)

New database from UBA tracks global prevalence of pharmaceuticals in the environment (02/12/2016)

Free webinar | Safer pharma: how healthcare can reduce pharmaceutical pollution (24/05/2016)

MEP Vote on Veterinary Medicine Shows Desire to Deal with AMR Threat (10/03/2016)

Regulators' Neglect of Pharma Pollution Worldwide is a Deadly Policy Gap for Europe (18/12/2016)


Event | Pharma Pollution: An Ignored Cause of Antimicrobial Resistance (17/12/2015)

European Antibiotic Awareness Day 2015 (18/11/2015)

New Podcast | HCWH Europe at SAICM ICCM4 (03/11/2015)

HCWH Release Position Paper & Infographic about Pharmaceuticals at SAICM ICCM4 (28/09/2015)


Joint Intervention at SAICM Open Ended Working Group meeting (15/12/2014)

HCWH Europe attends EU workshop on pollution of water by Pharmaceuticals (12/09/2014)


Parliament fails to set limits for pharmaceuticals in the environment (02/07/2013)

A missed opportunity to control pharmaceutical residues in European waters (18/04/2013)

Who is next - French water contains traces of pharmaceuticals (25/03/2013)

Pollute and Monitor - Pharmaceuticals in Water (22/01/2013)