Yasmim Pessoa - Digital Engagement Coordinator

Yasmim Pessoa - Digital Engagement OfficerAs a member of HCWH Europe's communications team, I am responsible for ensuring consistency in the organisation's branding and visual content across various platforms. My responsibilities include managing our social media accounts and boosting our online presence.

Previously, I served as a Communications Assistant at a Brussels-based nonprofit, responsible for websites and social media. Before settling in Europe, I worked in digital content creation and management for two years in Brazil and completed internships at a toy museum in Brooklyn and a multi-language online dictionary in Hamburg.

My academic background starts in Brazil, where I was born and raised, and includes a Bachelor's in Journalism with a one-year mobility programme at the University of Florida. An Erasmus+ scholarship brought me to Europe for a two-year MA in Digital Communication Leadership.

In my free time, I live a simple and slow life and enjoy taking long scrolls through forests or exploring vegan food whenever I go. I am particularly interested in performing arts and take dance classes occasionally.

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