Paola Hernández Olivan - Food Policy & Projects Officer

I am responsible for the Sustainable Food programme at HCWH Europe, with the goal of advocating for food systems that conserve and renew natural resources, advance social justice and animal welfare, build community wealth, and fulfill the nutrition needs of all, now and into the future.

I also lead the MECAHF (Modèle d'économie circulaire pour les hôpitaux français) project in collaboration with Global Green & Healthy Hospital members, the Hospital of Niort, to demonstrate how reducing food waste can generate savings that can be reinvested into the local economy through the purchase of healthier and more sustainable food.

With a background in food science and technology, and a Master’s degree in European Public Health, I have gained a good understanding of the linkages between food sustainability and human health.

During and after my studies, I worked at different organisations and research centers, and participated in other European projects, which gave me a good insight into project and event planning, and communications.

I believe that the healthcare sector has a vital role to play in piloting new approaches to sustainability, and can lead on developing and influencing more sustainable food systems that involve various stakeholders, such as farmers, distributors, catering services, and healthcare professionals.

In my spare time I like to dance, read, cook, and take photographs - my house is full of memories from my holidays.

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