Maï Shafei - Research and Data Assistant

My role at HCWH Europe is to support the Climate-Smart Healthcare team in meeting its objectives, through research and data analysis focusing on two main aspects: climate risks in Europe, and mapping climate and health policies in all European countries.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Development from Haute Ecole Paul Henri Spaak, Belgium, and an MSc in Sustainability Science, Policy and Society from the University Maastricht in the Netherlands.

Beyond my academic experience, I have experience working and interning with sustainable technology and innovation start-ups. Working for an ICT start-up that was part of the Brussels Regional Program for a Circular Economy in 2018, I was able to participate in creating a circular economy business model for the programme.

Throughout my studies I became increasingly interested in climate change - first in air quality and pollution management on a municipal level during my Bachelor’s, and then in the connection between health and climate change in NGO advocacy during my Master’s. This led me to HCWH Europe, which I joined because the organisation understands and works in the climate-health nexus. I was thrilled by the idea of being able to be a part of the ambitious Climate-smart Healthcare programme which mobilises healthcare actors and policymakers in order to limit the impact of the sector on the climate.

Culture has always been an important part of my life. I enjoy books, music, museums and live-music and operas. I also enjoy being creative, which I do through creating digital and non-digital collages, painting, and photography. Beyond cultural activities, I love being out at sea on a boat, or diving. I also love scuba diving and am currently slowly working towards a Dive Master certification in order to become a guide and perhaps one day a dive instructor!

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