Katia Pacella - Circular Healthcare Projects Officer

Katia Pacella - Circular Healthcare Projects Officer I manage projects within the Circular Healthcare programme, with the aim to speed up the transition towards sustainable and non-toxic healthcare.

I hold a Master’s degree in Planning and Management of Agro-territorial, Forest and Landscape Ecosystems with a focus on chemical pollution and Environmental Management from the University of Bologna. My studies were complemented with a research thesis at NOVA University of Lisbon on wastewater phytodepuration. After graduating, I spent a period abroad working on biochar at the University of Wroclaw (Poland) and nanoremediation at the University of Liberec (Czech Republic).

I previously worked as Project and Account Manager in a soil remediation company where I engaged with different stakeholders (industries, scientists, policy-makers, researchers) gaining experience and understanding of the technical field, remediation techniques, and the impact of Contaminants of Concern.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, taking part in volunteering activities, biking and challenging myself in new sports such as Krav Maga! I am a nature and adventure lover, my trips usually consist of hiking and setting my tent wherever the scenery is nice. I also love concerts, especially Balkan music!

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