Health Care Without Harm Europe is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation. All our funds are used for educational and information purposes targeted to our key audiences: the health sector, health professionals, policy makers and the general public. Throughout our history, HCWH Europe's funding has come from foundations, the EU Commission, national health and environment ministries within Europe and individual supporter donations. 

HCWH Europe does not receive any fees or dues from our membership or from private companies for our work. However, for our CleanMed Europe conference we accept company sponsorship and have exhibitions from private companies. HCWH sponsorship guidelines prohibit sponsors from participating in the review or development of any content for CleanMed Europe conference. Sponsorship does not imply any HCWH endorsement of any product or service provided by sponsors. Exhibitors at CleanMed Europe must not exhibit or in any way advertise products or services in conflict with HCWH policies. The use of sponsor and exhibitor funds is restricted to direct costs associated with CleanMed Europe conference.

Become a donor

If you would like to become a donor of HCWH Europe and accelerate the path toward an environmentally responsible healthcare system, please visit our donation pages.

Individual donations

HCWH Europe greatly appreciates one-off donations. By supporting us financially, we are better able to scale and carry out our activities. Find out more about giving to HCWH Europe here.

Financial reports

HCWH Europe receives annual approval from the European Union Transparency Audit Register - view our profile here.

You can view our audited reports for the last number of years here:

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Annual reviews

As well as financial reports, HCWH Europe also produces annual reviews so you can follow our work, read them here.