Andreea Zotinca - Circular Healthcare Project Officer

Andreea Zotinca - Circular Healthcare Project OfficerAt HCWH Europe, I support the implementation of the Towards plastic-free healthcare in Europe project within the Circular Healthcare programme. I also offer support advocacy and research initiatives at the organisation.

I hope that through my work I can help hospitals reduce their environmental impact through tackling unnecessary plastic use, and I am continually inspired and motivated by our members’ work in this area.

I have a Master’s degree in International Security, during which I had two focus areas: global risks and environment. I have previously worked as a trainee in corporate social responsibility, during which time one of my projects focused on reducing plastic waste at the office. Just before joining HCWH Europe, I was an intern at a renewable energy think tank.

As I am personally committed to the plastic reduction movement and trying to reduce plastic use in my daily life, I am happy that I get to work on something that I truly believe in at a larger scale at HCWH Europe.

Outside of work, I like cooking, bouldering, and reading (especially the magical realism, philosophical fiction and natural science genres). I love being outside in nature, but as I can’t do that all the time, I try to bring nature inside my house by filling it with many plants (some might say too many, but I don’t believe that can be the case!). I also love biking, although I question that love every time I’m biking uphill in Brussels!

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