Towards sustainable healthcare and a healthy environment

  • Europe

HCWH Europe has been calling upon the new European Parliament to support environmentally sustainable healthcare and lead the transition towards a healthier environment. 

We have sent MEPs 15 recommendations (drafted in consultation with the HCWH Europe board and members) as part of HCWH Europe’s vision for 2025: Towards sustainable healthcare and a healthy environment.

The healthcare sector in Europe is economically significant, representing approximately 10% of GDP in EU Member States and employing millions of people. Importantly, its activities also have a direct impact on both the environment and the health of EU citizens.

Strong EU leadership can contribute to enhanced universal health and wellbeing by reducing the health sector’s environmental footprint and by fostering health sector leadership and advocacy to protect human health from environmental harm.

Political leaders of the EU, Members of the European Parlia­ment, and the future Commission must promote and support the implementation of environmental­ly sustainable healthcare practices that protect the health and wellbeing of patients, employees, communities, and the planet; both now and in future.

Read more in HCWH Europe’s manifesto for sustainable healthcare in Europe by 2025: Towards sustainable healthcare and a healthy environment.