Participate in HCWH Europe’s project on disinfectants used in healthcare!

Central issue

Disinfectants used in healthcare facilities – in particular disinfectants for hands, skin, surfaces, healthcare equipment, instruments or laundry – contain different biocidal active substances. It is well known that these substances differ in their potential hazards to health and the environment, therefore, disinfectants with the same level of efficacy but less risk to human and environmental health should be prioritised.

This project, coordinated by the non-governmental and industry-independent organisation Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) Europe, aims to promote the use of safer and more environmentally friendly disinfectants without compromising hygienic and occupational health standards. As a result of this project, materials and tools will be produced which will help procurers and users of these products make better purchasing decisions.

The first step of this project will be to identify obstacles to the use of safer and more environmentally-friendly disinfectants, such as: lack of knowledge/awareness, lack of infrastructure, non user-friendly products, material incompatibilities, gaps in the spectrum of antimicrobial activity, or a prohibitively high price.

We need you!

To identify these obstacles, we are looking to engage with a wide range of healthcare facilities, particularly with staff involved in the procurement and use of disinfectants. Engagement will be in the form of participation in a survey/interview, and/or a subsequent benchmarking of disinfectant products. 

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About the online survey

Available in English, German, Spanish, and Mandarin, the survey will be aimed at healthcare staff responsible for purchasing, selecting, and using disinfectants in hospitals or healthcare institutions. Survey respondents will be asked to:

  • Provide information about their involvement with disinfection, disinfectants, and/or biocidal active substances and their tasks and responsibilities within their organisation
  • Provide an overview of the practice of the procurement, selection, and application of disinfectants in their organisation

The online survey can be filled out at the participant’s convenience; additional follow-up interviews will be carried out by Skype or phone and may also be recorded (subject to approval). After your participation in the online survey and given your continued interest you may receive the possibility to further engage in the project. This will include a in depth analysis of the disinfectants used by your organisation and a follow-up interview.

Expected time commitment

  • Online survey: 30-45 mins approx.
  • Follow-up interview: 60 mins approx.

Benefits: The participants will receive a compact analysis of the hazard profiles of the disinfectants they use at their institutions, as well as a rough estimate of the potential for substitution of these products in the form of reports, guides, and webinars that will be produced as a result of the project.

We are planning to include in the survey (and possible follow up interviews for case studies):

  • 10 European hospitals
  • 20 German hospitals and 
  • 10 hospitals from outside of Europe

Learn more about product benchmarking of disinfectants

If you are interested in participating in this project please contact