Our strategic plan for HCWH Europe

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We are delighted to present HCWH Europe’s Strategic Plan 2020-2025. It sets out the blueprint for action for the organisation for the coming years, giving our members, partners, and the HCWH Europe team direction and inspiration to continue our work together to create an environmentally responsible healthcare sector in Europe.

Read the executive summary of our strategic plan

This strategy sets out strategic themes, goals, and approaches that will define our work, enabling us to communicate our strategic ambition to our members, partners, funders, and other stakeholders. In pursuing our mission we have defined four programmes and goals to drive our objectives and activities moving forward.

An important component of our new strategic approach is the creation of a new Circular Healthcare programme, which brings together our work on safer chemicals and sustainable procurement to drive healthcare markets towards toxic-free products that conserve finite resources, minimise waste, and contribute to an ethical supply chain and circular economy.

We have also defined a brand new network structure in our Strategic Plan, which positions Global Green and Healthy Hospitals as the membership arm of HCWH Europe, and one of our primary implementation channels. It ensures that healthcare providers are core to both our governance and programmatic activity, in line with our mission and vision and strategy.

You will also notice that we have a new look - this rebrand is also a part of our strategic plan and reinforces our core values as an organisation:

We are entering a new and exciting stage in our evolution. This strategy will enable us to build a strong, financially sustainable organisation capable of fulfilling its vision and mission and delivering greater impact in Europe.