Nanomedicine factsheet released

Brussels, 6 August 2014 – Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) Europe have released the factsheet The era of nanomedicine online. This explores how the application of nanotechnology within healthcare research can lead to uncertainties in public health.

Although nanomedicine can bring benefits to patients and the healthcare sector, we are concerned that because nanomaterials used in this sector are essentially new and largely untested chemicals, little is known about their persistence, bioaccumulation and toxicity to the human body and the environment.

The era of nanomedicine describes our concerns with nanomedicine and outlines our policy recommendations based on such concerns. We believe that the precautionary principle must be a central part of any policy or regulatory approach on nanomaterials. This would ensure that the risks to human health and the environment from across the entire lifecycle are adequately considered alongside the benefits of nanomedicine.

Policy Enquiries:

Laurel Berzanskis, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Policy Officer

Media Enquiries:

Rosalind Simpson, Communication and Press Officer

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