European Healthcare Climate Summit 2022 | Registration open

Date: 13 October 2022 | 14:00 - 17:00 CEST | Online

What does Climate-smart Healthcare look like in practice? That is the question we’ll answer at this year’s European Healthcare Climate Summit. Organised by HCWH Europe and supported by the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland, the fourth edition of the summit will feature tangible and replicable examples of Climate-smart Healthcare in Europe. 

Scotland’s National Clinical Director, Jason Leitch, will open the conference with a keynote speech about Scotland’s own journey toward Climate-smart Healthcare.


What does Climate-smart Healthcare mean?

Hospitals, health centres, and health systems acknowledge and address their own contribution to climate change and the impact it has on public health. That means reducing their emissions to net zero and adapting so that they are prepared and resilient to the new health burdens and pressures of climate change that we’re already facing. 

Taking a facility level approach

One year on from the first COP to feature a health pavilion and large scale mobilisation of the health community for climate action, countries responsible for over 60% of European healthcare emissions have committed to climate-resilient and low-carbon healthcare

These high-level commitments give vital legitimacy and direction to European healthcare facilities, but ultimately healthcare climate action needs to happen on a health facility level. We’re already seeing ambitious decarbonisation efforts from individual healthcare providers - at the same time many are just starting out or are still not on target to achieve net zero healthcare by 2050.  

Learn, replicate, collaborate

The summit will feature tangible and replicable case studies from across Europe, giving healthcare facilities the opportunity to learn and replicate in their own operations. Alongside these examples, attendees will gain insight into the health impacts of climate change and the latest tools and resources available to support hospitals to deliver Climate-smart Healthcare. They will also connect with like-minded colleagues to collaborate on future decarbonisation projects.

Who should attend?

The European Healthcare Climate Summit is aimed at sustainability professionals, senior decision-makers working within healthcare facilities, and healthcare professionals. The event will support anyone working in healthcare, regardless of where they are in their journey to Climate-smart Healthcare, by sharing examples across three levels of expertise: The path to low-carbon, From low carbon to zero carbon, and Driving change. Attendees will be able to select which sessions to attend based on their interests and knowledge gaps.


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