Meat Free Monday facts - the collection

For Meat Free May 2016, and to coincide with Meat Free Mondays, HCWH Europe shared a meat free infocard every week to promote a reduced meat diet, here we have compiled them all.

#1 (02/05/16)

The raising of meat is inefficient land use


#2 (09/05/16)

A large consumption of meat is associated with documented health problems 


#3 (16/05/16)

As well as land, meat is a large, inefficient use of water


#4 (23/05/16)

Meat is a large contributor to green-house gas emissions


#5 (30/05/16)

Although there is a global trend of increased meat consumption, as awareness of these issues increases, a counter trend of meat free and reduced meat diets emerges.


For a more in depth look at meat consumption, please read our latest blog post: "Should we stop eating meat?"

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